I have been an chikdmolested victim by crips gang in Canada as well I got trafficked and been an infant murder victim in both countries by my assaulters that are gang I was revived in a car by my nurse aunt from newyork as well my ma in an d&e in my grams house died like four times i’m An MTF victim that never had a break all my life been trying for neo-uterine & neo-vaginal surgery as well breast augmentation no luck this country is evil fed criminals rub government i’m As well Sikh &homeless 102 centre 11ave Se calgary an hive base for them. All my life even when I was younger trying to get home to USA they have been targeting and leeching of my life my home I never been in anos estra there members been stealing and robbing from my dead relatives they murdered and my Sikh life anos some are part of false religions they exploited like my Haitian Creole gram they both sides had murdered they called me the kid and are liars. I need the birth from my body of my own life stop anti mi

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  • I would torture you

  • Hi sweetheart and dont listen too any negative s***. Hugs xxxxx

  • R u a w****

  • Sabrina the born fvcher! can't do much else but fvck! mouth open no brains upstairs ready for a mouth fvck when she speaks. and its always about herself. all day long , her her her her her her, her problems, her feelings, her expereinces. her kid, her body, her success, her suffering her her her her. it never stops. she sucked one loser couple into taking her side, as if she would need any help.

  • Sabrina offended a lot of people if that is her. what an entitled b**** she was! a winner at any cost too. I will give her that. a real stayer in the bedroom too and all her sorry sack "poor b***** me" stories that are fake. and all that public exicution in arabia s***. yeh. I don't feel sorry for the f******. she is just a f*****. a f*****. fvck fvcker.

  • Oh god is she that s*** from arab somewhere who makes out she is christian and goes around abusing the REAL victims of sexual abuse? yeh she is a real work of non-art fart. she must be so old now and all she does is talk about herself. she is seriously her own fan, here one and only fan !

  • Hi sweetie and are you there...

  • Settle down pedo, OP is well past puberty

  • I am so sorry dear for your sufferings.....I wish I could do something for you....but at least you made me realize that leaving home country could be the worst decision of your life....mai kenna aa tussi wapas aa javo India...Baba Nanak sab kuj thik karange ....

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