What is gravity

Let me start by saying this is not a confession. I was watching a documentary about what gravity is . Nobody really has a grasp on what it is except that gravity is created by mass . The more mass you have the more gravity you have . I believe this is the case but only part of what makes gravity. I have a theory based on the fact that everything in the universe is in part made up of energy . Live , dead, animate or inanimate everything has energy in it . This energy is electrons. I believe an object that has little density has fewer electrons and an object of equal size but is more dence such as iron would have many times more electrons. I believe that while a planet is coming together through the accumulation of mater it creates more electrons and these electrons start pulling electrons in from other matter in the area until the planet is created . I don't think it's only large or dence objects that makes gravity. I think matter colliding together creates a charge which builds the number of electrons in matter. So my theory is that gravity is created by the compression of electrons in matter . Because everything in the universe is made up of electrons and the fact that electrons attract electrons. I believe electrons attracting electrons is gravity . I haven't been educated in this area but I do know a some of what goes on when it comes to the creation on stars and planets , I find things like this interesting and read a lot about it so this theory is based on what I do know . I could be completely wrong but at the same time I think it does explain gravity better then simply saying gravity is created by mass . I'd like to hear your thoughts on this . Tell me what you think

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  • I'd start with an easier question. What is electricity? Take something metal that will fit the power outlet, and you will discover the answer.

  • Electricity/Magnetism, is MUCH more important than Gravity in Our Universe. Most physical scientists have NOT figured this out yet. Research electricity/magnetism/gravity, and see if you can change Our Science for the better! You may be able to come up with a super efficient energy source, like Tesla did. Research Tesla...that guy was an Electrical GENIOUS!!!

  • Hey, good effort, but incorrect. Here it is in a nutshell; gravity is a warp in space/time and has nothing to do with electrons. Electrons have little to no mass compared to the nucleus of an atom (protons, neutrons). All atoms have gravity, but it's extremely weak. Only when they are put together do they create enough gravity to attract other atoms. Anyway, all you have to do is grab a large bed sheet, place a large bowling ball in the centre (hold each corner as taught as you can) and then roll a marble across it. What you see is basically gravity. When you consider the fact that the universe is relatively flat, this example is quite appropriate, though not exact.

  • As most I'm sure have concluded, one will never experiment with the same substance you are obviously strung out on.

  • Elections don't pull elections. They push each other

  • Yaw next time opt for the mountain whiskey over the Canadian. You may even write with more sense.

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