I woke up with a man in my bed

I was sleeping last week and it was pretty warm. I was just in a nighty and some panties. I woke up with a man in my bed with my nighty pulled up to my b******. He was behind me firmly up against my back with on arm around my head an neck and the other squeezing on of my b****** hard. I was so freaked out. I tried to yell but his hand went over my mouth and he squeezed my breast much harder. I froze. He said he wanted me so bad and then I felt his hand travel down my tummy to my panties and he started rubbing me thru my panties. I tried to close my legs but he used his to keep them open. I could feel myself getting a ltl wet for him and he also started sucking and nibbling on one of my b******. Then his hand slipped into my panties and he told me he could tell I wanted this. I didn't stop him or say anything. For some reason I was letting him. I was trying not to like it but I did. I felt him yanking down my panties and heard him telling me he was going to f*** me. He pinnedme down on my back and got between my legs and just pushedit in. Omg. I was pretty freaked out and I felt my hips just kinda respond to him. I didn't think I wanted this but I couldn't stop my body from liking it and wanting it. He was calling me names and pushing into me harder. Telling me I deserved it. He was holding my arms over my head and his other hand was wrapped up in my hair twisting and pulling. My head was hurting from the hair pulling, but I was starting to f*** him back. As he came in me he really yanked on my hair hard and I cried out and started to o***** as he hurts me. I felt so dirty for letting this man take me like this and I don't even know who he is. I don't know how he got into the room, but I don't care. I will never tell anyone anyway. I was so scared and then so h**** and then it felt so good. And now I feel kinda slutty. But secretly I want it again. Wow.


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  • Hmm, I smell bullsh*t

  • Sharing the correct contact details will help you alot

  • Well how can I contact you then?

  • You Got scared didn't you?!

  • Do you have an old mobile phone if not I do let me know will leave the number up then change the number after a couple of days only answering to texts with number showing!?

  • Don't lock the door ever again...u might get lucky again

  • We could meet in a hotel i book it, you go in shower then get in bed like a good girl, leaving the door unlocked! I can then come in over powering you and fuc* you

  • I'd love to get to know you

  • I can make this happen

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