Daughter set me up

This happened a few years back, let me prefice this by telling you Im not perfect here by anymeans. So I was 37 at the time my daughter was 19 and she was addicted to drugs and had gotten preg by her boyfriend and pretty much walked away from her child leaving her home with me and not coming home for a couple of days. Well I tried to teach her responsibility and called child services on her which ended up getting her in trouble with family services. At the time they placed the baby in foster temporarily, and my daughter needed to make steps to change. Well my husband had to go out of town for work over a three day period and I decided to take a step back and try to make friendly with my daughter as she was starting to try to change. I was sitting talking to her in the garage hangout area and they were sitting drinking so I decided to have a glass of wine, I had already started my night time routine and I was on a sleep med. Well her boyfriend had some of his friends over (3) so I started drinking with them and her boyfriend kept refilling my glass and the wine was hitting me extremely hard. He then offered me a pill which he said was an anti hangover pill. I later leanred it was most likely ecstasy. I later leanred they were adding more of my sleep meds to my drink. While sitting there I was in my nighte which was thick lace on top with a v neck and fill length so it covered but left the tops of my b**** visible. Well, as the drinks were hitting I was getting pretty tired and I remembered one of the guys asking if I was asleep and my daughters bf grabbing my left breast and squeezing it ... she slapped him and I told him that wasnt right, but Ill admit I was pretty out of it so I may not have made sense. Then I remember my daughter walking out the door with my purse to go get something from the store. I remebered pretty soon feeling hands on me and it was feeling not too bad and one of the guys the boyfriends friend he was a black kid about 20 talking about my Milf body I was 5-6 about 150 lbs and had fairly firm 36dd's I tried ot keep in shape but worked long hours. ANyhow he was rubbing my b**** and legs through my nightgown then he slipped off the strap off the shoulder and started feeling I opened my eyes and said Can I see your mommy b****? I smiled as he had already exposed one and I thought I was dreaming he started fondling my chest as i also felt a hand on my lap rubbing me. I was half leaning over and he pushed me onto his lap where I felt a nice bulge against my face. He then said I want to see both of your t***, as he started tp try to pull both out of the top which wasnt happening... I thought he was kidding so I said show me yours and Ill show you mine! Well he unzipped his jean shorts and pulled them down and I was staring at about 10 inches just about a half inch in front of my face. He was large and thick, then he said there you need to show me yours as he started pulling at my nighty, I sat up and lifted my arms and he removed it and I was just there in only my panties. Then Ill never forget he said he wanted moms milky white t*** then he started sucking on my b******. after a couple minutes he sat next to me again as the others were rubbing my legs thighs and crotch. He asked me if I ever felt a black c*** I said no and he said well how about it and placed my hand on him and then positioned himself close to my face again and I started first by licking then sucking. It wasnt long before one of the other guys was taking off my panties and eating me out they turned me on my back and the black guy mounted my chest. As he wa son my chest one of the other guys had my hand and put it on himself and I was stroking him and taking short sucks and the other black guy was in my other hand taking turns on my mouth and all of a sudden I realized my daughters boyfriend was inside of me. I was not myself at that moment it felt like someone else was there doing it and I was a spectator and he pulled out and then told me he wanted me to suck to see who was better mom or daughter... about that time the black who was on my chest unloaded on it, the other black guy asked if I ever had a black man in me I said no and he moved and started in on me. Mind you he was big but not as large as the one who had been on my chest and he started going at me hard, he and the other white guy took a couple turns before one comming then the other I had came like 4 or 5 times to this point. About htat time the black who had my chest got between and pushed into me slowly I knew I was very wet and I felt myself stretching as he pushed in then he pushed against the bottom, he paused it felt really good the pressure there then all of a sudden he pushed very hard and fast. It hurt like h*** but he was pushing deeper than I ever had before it hurt but also felt the best I ever felt then once he was fully in he just held it htere til I loosened up then was pumping me for a few minutes. I cam ahard for like a minute straight. he started kissing me and I was making out with him then he moved me on top of him I was riding him one of hte other guys started fingering my butt then I felt one of them rubbed something slippery on me I realized later they had pillaged my bedroom and found my lube. pretty soon he was entering me and Gawd it was incredible I had the most massive o****** I nearly blacked out. then after that one of hte blacks guys had me riding reverse cowcgirl on him while the other white guy ate me out which was so hot after he finished some he stood up and both men were in my kitty which hurt but also felt great. As that was happening one started to come in me then the other which sent me over the edge. I had taken loads in my mouth from each as well as in the kitty. after this one I was felling pretty spent so I said I was going to go into my bed and the one huge black man followed me to there we slept next to echother and during the night he started getting frisky and I ended up riding him again when I awoke everyone had left. my body had dried mess all over as well as my nighty and panties I had it matted in my hair too and I realized it wasnt just a dream I was terrified my husb would find out, I kept it from him for months then my daughter said something and I said I recalled one grabbing my breast and he was good with that. About 2 years later he asked if I thought anything else happened that night and I said maybe when I answered I thought about that ngiht and had a tingle. My daughter and her bf broke up and he and I messed around a few times and his friend also visited another 2 times but that all ended about a eyar after the first time.

Dec 11, 2020

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