I do it once a year (gay pride)

I'm 42m, totally straight, married. However, my wife doesn't know that every year, for just one day, I head to the local Gay Pride festival and pick up guys for random quickies. I basically turn gay for a day. It's gotten more out of control as the years have passed--last year I took about a dozen meat pipes from behind in the bathroom of a local bar. I had more than a few milkshakes pumped down my throat too, if you know what I mean.

I don't even know why I do this. It's so degrading. I can't wait for the festival this year.

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  • "Meat pipes" 😂

  • When her doctor tells her she has the hiv she well figure it out lol

  • The thought of getting “pozzed” turns me on. The thought of getting a poz load in my ass makes me h****.

  • How did you manage your marriage at the same time

  • I didn’t! I left the old b****. I always enjoyed men more anyway

  • You do it because you love men and you love their meat. Eventually you will only want that, and you will stop wanting your wife (and other women). You were made (by God) for hard meat and creamy milkshakes. That is your DESTINY! You know it's true.

  • There's no destiny at play here. I love getting my ass f***** by another man, but there's no way in h*** I'll ever stop wanting s** with women! My wife knows I'm bi and she also knows that her place is safe.

    By the way, OP, I really hope you're playing safe! Getting f***** feels incredible, even if the guy is wearing a condom! I admit I've never taken a bare c*** in my ass, but it can't be worth the risk to your wife.

  • It was my destiny and I embraced it. I let a random, very handsome man pick me up at a bar one night we went to a motel. That night I experienced the very hottest s** I’ve ever had. I went home the next day and divorced my wife and Steve and I have been lovers for 20 years now. He’s still a very satisfying lover and our s** couldn’t be more enjoyable. I love you Steve, I always will!

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