Hate working for and with women

As a woman, it pains me to admit this but women are THE worst people to work for and with.

The cattiness, the passive-aggressive bullshit, the bitchiness, the two-facedness, the guessing games, the bullying, back-stabbing, the cliqueness, the lies, always trying to one-up each other.

All this is topped off with and underneath fake friendships, giggling, pretending to be on each others side, the fake friendly lunches.

I stay pefectly away. Never getting involved. I hear so much s*** talk from women about each other. It makes your nerves frazzled because you're constantly walking on egg shells.

There's a new guy who has started in our department. The only male! And he's at breaking point. He's already planning his exit and has asked me how I cope with all the mind-games. Distance. Complete distance.

I don't care. I've always been one of those girls who gravitated towards hanging with males during school and at work. I used to feel terrible for not supporting my 'sisters' in the workplace, but how can I when whenever there's a team made up of majority women, it is like h*** on earth!

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  • I have worked under women at about half of the jobs I have had over the years and have found them to be professional and good bosses. You just have had a run of bad luck. Don't give up on women entirely - but you have to be more careful about the jobs you pick - investigate the job more thoroughly by talking to the people you will be working with before taking the job.

  • Us men know these long before time. Then feminism came along. Now we just hate women that want every benefit and cherry picking everything good. Us men taking it like a b****. The world has gone sooo soft its like the end of the world. Its not the melting polar icecaps. its the melting of balance in mankind.

  • Misogynists and MAGATs: literacy constantly eludes them.

  • I work from home some days and it's these days I notice the utter insanity that it is to work with a team of all women.
    It's a f****** nightmare. Someone will email to say "this person said this but then she said this, so now she wants to talk to you when you get in..." all the while it's probably that b**** talking to you that is the instigator. Twisting stuff because you're not there and most likely talking behind your back. When I get into the office, I can tell something's been said about me or for me (unsolicited) in my absence. The vibe is off and b**** level is switched to high.

    Also in my experience men who work with a lot of women comfortably are just as bitchy and pathetic. I laugh constantly at their sheer dumbness. Sad f****! It's school all over again. Looking for another job, anything to get me out.

  • "It's school all over again." So very true. These people have not progressed at all. They still aren't adults...….and they never will be. (And it's as true of men as women.)

  • The whole sisterhood thing is a myth. Especially in corporate culture, women are back-stabbing vipers. I have worked in my field for 28 years (staffing nurses), and women are horrible. I have been railroaded more than a few times as I have worked for different agencies. The guys have been awesome.

  • Testify! I started a career in medicine and had to get out of it because of other women. Fortunately there are many other kinds of medical careers that attract more of a balance between men and women. Offices are also the worst!

  • I'm 41f and have been in the workforce full-time since I was 17 (finishing HS and college at night). My work history has been very stable, with only 3 jobs (or multiple positions at 3 companies) over all that time. The one exception was a 9-week hiccup about seven years back, where I left a good job with a Fortune 500 company to go to work for a female-owned enterprise, believing that I was being socially conscious and responsible. I realized after just two weeks that the place was not what they presented themselves to be, and that they could not last: the owners were idiots who behaved like whores (or worse) around government regulators and the company's funding sources. I hated being around them, and being thought of as they were thought of -- the assumption among outsiders was that I was as nasty as they were. I got out as soon as I was able to find another job. The new job didn't pay me what I'd made at the big company or the b****-business, but I didn't care: I had to leave and I did. That may be the conclusion you reach, as well, albeit for different reasons. Still, your premise remains precisely correct: an all-female business is almost always a disaster area. Too many p****** in one building.

  • Agree, some women are so toxic while the others are just completely baal. the occassional ones are completely neutral or neutered and past it to bother being a fuckslutmongrelattackingguarddog.

  • You sound like my wife. She did not particularly like other women either.

  • You need to start looking for roles in male dominated industries. The women there have learnt they're not above or better than anyone and know how to just get on with s***, or they're women who have been around males their whole lives (brothers, male friends, uncles, grandpas, coaches etc) and so feel no need to compete with other women. They just live their lives.

    Sure, men can be utter p*****, but at least you know where you stand. No mind games. No nerve damage!

    The next time you go for an interview, look around: more women than men? Run, don't walk!!

  • As a woman, I can tell you this: it's a competition. That is, what status do you have at your job, what perks do you get, how much money do you make, what is the private school to which can you can your kids, how much money does your spouse make, what is the neighborhood in which you live (and how big is your house?), how much money do you spend on "upkeep" (i.e. plastic surgery), and are your parties any good?

    Women are trash. I'd so love to work around other guys. At least they are transparent when they are being unfaithful or dishonest.

  • S*** you sayin' my wife knows about my gf?

  • Distance - what is it with women. Tell me an maybe I will understand my wife. I am about to leave but it feels like she is the one making the distance.

  • My wife told me the same thing about working with women. She often cried when she went into work. She works for me now and we groove well together in the office. I hate going to service calls to offices that have multiple secretaries. Good gawd I feel like the life is sucked from me by the time I get out of there.

  • Three years ago I was in what I thought was a bad work situation and wanted out. I had a male boss and we never really got along. So I applied for a transfer to another division of the same company in order to work for a woman I liked and wanted to work for in addition to the fact that there were seven other females in that area and I thought an all-women environment would be a relief and an uplift. Oh God how wrong I was!!! Within 6 weeks I knew I had made a HUGE mistake: all of the women -- but particularly my boss -- were horrid horrid HORRID shrews who I can't stand. I've lasted for three years but am now looking for a job in a different company and different industry. If I could go back to my prior male boss I would do it in a heartbeat. These b****** are intolerable and every word you used to describe your colleagues definitely apply to those around me now. Some days I want to beat them and put them in the hospital. I can't wait to leave. H*** on earth? Yes, #metoo.

  • I agree with the other commenter: let them kill themselves! I went through this. They were such dead weights! You and the guy in your team seem like you've got good heads on your shoulders. Stay well clear of those broken girls. Let them b**** and talk. Don't give them an ounce of you, beyond your work. Leave on time.

    And find a place with cool people to work. Preferably majority male, with a few cool women. I did! Have been here for 8 years now!

  • Take a break...have some good time....calm down.....carry a shotgun kill them all....peace

  • I been thinking this for years. They should shut up an wash dishes at home. Fucken catty and kiniving.

  • Not all women are like that. And I wouldn't trust YOU to wash a dish correctly, if your mangled English is any indication. Stay home and don't bother intelligent people with your existence.

  • Thank you for saying this, even if it is anonymous. Most of my previous employers were men and I'd only get in s*** for not completing my job. Now that I work with mostly women I get in s*** for not framing my communications in a more pleasant manner.

  • Good for you. Keep the faith, and keep your own counsel. Let the b****** kill each other while you watch from the hill.

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