My daughter is stripping

My daughter recently confessed to me that she is stripping. Shes 18. I am devastated. I don't know why, but she thought I'd be supportive. I'm not. I can't think of anything worse than my baby parading herself in front of men, nude, for money. I've always been pretty open minded but not to this. I firmly believe in self respect and working hard. Easy street is not an option. I lost it. I told her this wasn't ok. I told her it was unsafe. That it was only a matter of time before something horrible happened. She told me she was 18, that she could make her own decisions. She told me she was happy stripping. I went to the club where she was stripping. My heart was racing. I prayed that she wouldn't be there. She told me she wasn't going to be there because she was taking the weekend off. She lies so much, I didn't believe her. When i got to the strip club I didn't see her. I stood in the corner hoping that I wouldn't see her. The I noticed there was a another room. I felt sick in my stomach. I went into the other room and there she was. My heart dropped. My stomach felt sick. I messaged her and told her to look in the corner. She saw me and ran out the room. I messaged her and told her to come with me. I begged her. She told me to f*** off. She told me I was humiliating her. The bouncer came and told me I had to leave. She told them I was there. I went outside and continued to message her. I pleaded with her to come with me but she continued to abuse me. I told her that if she didn't come we'd be done. It's not just the stripping. The other night a man came to pick her up from our house to take her to the strip club. I don't want that around my house. I have 2 other daughters and I don't want them to be around that. My daughter is also a drug user. While all this was happening we went through her room. We found drugs, dangerous drugs that my younger daughter could have easily accessed. When I raised this with my daughter she didn't seem to care at all. Nothing matters anymore. I feel like I've lost her. i don't know who this person is. We haven't spoken since I went to the strip club. A few of her friends have messaged me saying they've tried to talk her out of it but she just replies, I'm happy. I'm money. This is breaking me heart. I think about her constantly but I carry on. For my partner and my other children. I wake up and my first thought is of her, is she ok, where did she sleep, has she eaten? Only a year ago she was in school. Now it's come to this. I prayer nothing will happen to her but knowing what I know about this industry I can't help but think the worst is still ahead. I cant, wont condone her choices. I may lose her forever. She was the light of my life. 18 years ago she was the reason for everything. And now she's gone. Lost to the world. I don't know what to do.

Jun 18, 2018

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  • My wife was a stripper when we met, so I saw her naked long before I ever took her out.
    After we hooked up, she worked for over a year, she made darn good money too.
    It didn't bother me one bit, it's fun to sit out in the audience and know I sleep with her and all the rest just get to look.

  • Strange. The drugs were pretty much an after-thought. Stripping can't do her real damage - unless the neighbors find out. Oh, horrors that should happen.

  • I did stripping to pay my way through college, there's nothing at all wrong with it. I earned more in one hour than I could have earned in two days working in a café which left me more time for studying. Plus I actually enjoyed the thrill of it, men would m********* in front of me while telling me how much they adored my body. That makes any girl feel good. They would l*** but couldn't touch. I was completely in control. I got paid 50 dollars by one guy to insert my finger into my p**** and then put it into his mouth. I made loads of money due to these types of 'add ons'. Another guy paid me 40 to lick my butt hole. It was up to me whether I did these things. If I needed to make extra money for any reason I would suggest things, if I didn't like a guy I would say no. If a guy wants to pay to watch me strip, and then pay me even more money to lick my butt hole why would I not take advantage of it?

  • It just sound like she a w**** by nature theres nothing you can do about that once a w**** always a w**** you know that you know that

  • This screams of intervention time. Get the family and friends together and say that she needs to change her lifestyle, and make it so that she has options that any one of you will help. God bless.

  • Depressing +

  • Don't lose hope and above all the strength to let her go. You need not to justify even a single word you said...let the green market vendors comment whatever they want

  • I'd be proud. Remember the song "my angel is a centre fold"

  • We know you are disgusting j*** face....get the F out of here if can't help

  • Would you be so proud if it was your daughter? and what exactly would you be so proud of?

  • She's an adult now and, like it or not, she should be able to make her own decisions, whether they are for the better or for the worse. I wouldn't be nearly as concerned about her stripping as her drug use. Drugs kill.

  • I hear that a lot, she's an adult. especially from her. But really, I don't agree without. legally, she is. But developmentally and morally she is far from an adult. Shes's engaging in misadventure that will only need lead to harm. like so many of silly girls like her who end up on the scrap heap. she told me she wanted to save up her stripping money to travel overseas. when I went to the strip club and saw the other worn out strippers I couldn't help but think that they too once had "financial goals" - by the look of them, I don't think any of them reached their goals. The had darkness in their eyes.

  • You are a great dad who tried his level best to bring her notorious daughter back. Need not to think of someone who doesn't even care about you....sorry to say but she's already day she would realize bcuz what goes around comes around....and she'll be sorry...the day she repents consider your old princess back and forgive her....till then consider your rest of your family

  • I am her mother. and yes, you are right. we tried so hard to bring her back, a lot of the times at the expense of our other children. so much of our time was consumed with my daughter. I feel like she is dead sometimes, my memories of her are blurring. its so sad. the world has sucked her up and its only a matter of time before it spits her out. I just hope, prayer, nothing irreversible happens to her. the future is grim.

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