Spanking Shame

When I was 12 I had developed an obsessive interest in spankings. My parents never spanked me, but had occasionally threatened to over the years for the biggest of misbehavior.

This is not say I wanted to be spanked, exactly, but I was intensely curious what it was like. Nonetheless, I was very scared of spankings and viewed them as a real punishment to be avoided at all costs. It was all very conflicting and confusing.

One day when I was 12 I was at the mall with my mom. I was very bored, didn’t want to be there, and was complaining non-stop and just generally having a terrible attitude.

Finally, mom snapped and said if I didn’t straighten up I’d get a spanking as soon as we got home.

The threat worked and I didn’t say another word. But once we got home, I couldn’t stop thinking about that threat and how I probably did deserve to be spanked. And then all those thoughts of naughty curiosity came floooding back.

I was so close to just asking mom for a spanking. I even wrote a draft of a note I was going to leave in the kitchen for her to find. I was too embarrassed to ask face to face but I thought maybe I could manage writing that note stating I thought I deserved to get a spanking and would wait in my room for her.

Ultimately though, I chickened out and tore up the note. I never found out what a spanking is like.

Jun 20, 2020

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  • My dad spanked me and my sister until we were 21. We had to pull our pants and panties down to our ankles and bend over placing our elbows on the couch. He would whip our bare butts with the belt and or the cane. When I was 15 I started getting aroused by the spankings even though they hurt and were embarrassing. I started doing things on purpose to get spanked. At one point I was spanked everyday for a week. I never told anyone but I think my sister might have known.

  • Dad use to spank my sister, mum use to spank me it was always the same routine she would call me to the kitchen she would me sat on a chair she undid and pulled my pants down then my underpants, after a while I started to look forward to mum pulling my clothes down but it want further, she made me take my pants and underpants off completely, before she spanked me she pulled her skirt up some times she didn't have any underwear on, what with my bare flesh in contact and he bare legs i got an erection I thought mum would chastise me for it, while mum was spanking me I became more excited,
    I tried to stop it but i couldn't stop myself e********** on mums legs, I said sorry mum said don't be you couldn't help it mum said don't tell anybody, she kept looking at the sperm on her legs she was breathing heavy and panting she ran to the bathroom

  • Curiosity is normal.

    My cousins (a male 11 and a female-14) used to talk about their mom spanking their bare butts and I didn't believe them. My aunt was a kind librarian and I couldn't picture her spanking anyone, much less on their naked butt! They swore up and down that it happened and I thought, "Wow, I'm glad I don't live in that house!" Nevertheless, I was curious about it but I didn't want it. I wondered what it would feel like....physically and emotionally and I couldn't think of much more that was more embarrassing that that punishment. It was more that I couldn't believe it actually happened but I knew my cousins weren't lying after our conversation. Strangely, I started teasing them about it.

    One summer, I, 13 at the time, stayed with them and got into trouble for bringing a dirty magazine into the house for my male cousin and I to look at. My aunt gave me a choice of calling my parents or her dealing with it. I chose her.

    She told me that I was getting spanked and to put my hands on the bed. Before I even thought about it, she bared my backside and began spanking me hard and fast with her bare hand. I tried not to cry but broke and began sobbing. I was on fire....

    My cousins were listening outside the door and didn't say anything to me for a while. I went outside and walked on the trail in the woods. My female cousin caught up to me and asked, "Do you believe us now?"

  • I so wish we could meet up.

    Lots of ways you can go with spanking.

    For example there have been a few times when I have had a headache and my wife spanked me and then no headache.

    There's the challenge to see how much you can take kind.

    After I was divorced, for about a year, I had a gf and a real hot relationship. Early on before we had even kissed, I talked about giving her the cane. One day she agreed. During the relationship there was a couple of times when she kind of spoiled our night out and I was feeling a bit down as I had put effort in to organize activities. When we got home, she picked up that I was not happy and she said that I should punish her. I got a USB lead, doubled it over and gave her 6 really hard. This brought up really raised angry welts. There were a few more times I whipped her.

    I wonder if she was acting out some kind of repressed childhood thing. Anyway one day she said relationship over. Blocked me on FB. Does not return calls or texts or email. I know where she lives but I am not going to be creapy and go round but I do really miss her.

  • It's a funny thing and I've had decades to think about why I wanted my mother to spank me. I had friends whose mother let them do whatever they want and didn't seem to care if they did anything great, or got into a bunch of trouble. My mom celebrated my victories and punished me for misbehavior. I hated the actual spankings but loved that my mother took the time to care about what I did - and to set me right if I was on the wrong track.

  • I enjoy abuse like daddy leaving marks. Yours may not be as extreme but I wouldn't sweat it

  • Strangely enough, spanking and stuff like that is rather common interest. I don't share that interest, but rest assured you are not twisted

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