Bathtime mischief

When I was a little girl (many years ago now!) my brother and I used to have a bath in a tin bath in the living room in front of the fire. I'd get in first, and when I'd finished I'd get out and my brother would get in. But being the little minx that I was I used like to pee in the bath! At first I didn't tell him but when eventually I did he just thought it was funny. So from then on he would be in the bath and I would be on the sofa drying my hair and we'd both be giggling, and our mum wouldn't know what we were giggling about. She would even wash his hair using the bathwater that I'd peed in! Oh the simple joys of childhood!!

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  • When i was 10 years old,my sister was 12 and in puberty and bedwetting because of it.Every night,sis would take a quick shower,then go into her room where mom would be waiting and mom would put cloth diapers and super large size baby rubberpants on her.She would come out with them on under her nightgown and i could somewhat see them showing thru.I would get very h**** seeing her with the diapers and rubberpants on under her nightgown and my willy got hard also!

  • Am i bad. I just turnig 13 ok and only started to be able to make stuff come out of me. I like looking at my sister in bath or shower and playing with my willy.

  • Can I watch you j*** off?

  • I remember peeing in the bath. Even though no sibling bathed after me it seemed so nice and naughty.

  • Childhood innocence so nice.

    I used to pee my bed. Mom thought it was accidental and took me a couple of times to the doctor but he said no kid wets deliberately and I'd grow out of it. It was just that our house was very cold and I did not want to get out of bed in the early morning to go to the bathroom. So I'd lie there and then just do it. At first it would be warm and relaxing and I'd fall back to sleep. When I woke I'd be really cold and wet.

  • How did you put up with the odor of stale urine?

  • Am i bad for look at my sister in bath and shower.

  • Am i bad for looking at my sister in shower or bath. Im nearly 13 and stuff has just start come out of my willy. My moms realy strict and i would be in so much trouble if she cought me

  • Mom washed the sheets and pyjamas every time they were wet.

  • I brought my daughter to two diffrent doctors for doing the same for the last few months. They bought said she was just being lazy. I brought her too last doctor two days ago and he said same thing. My daughter got a good bare butt spanking when we got home and is getting the same for the next two weeks with early bedtime and diapers...

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I love them in diapers

  • My dad started spankings at Im told about 2 yrs old. The real beatings regularly started a few yrs later. I was wetting the bed uncontrollably so came more physical and mental abuse. Being mocked and made fun of until it suddenly stopped at age 15. Later in life in therapy for a lifetime of abuse I was told the bed wetting was connected to the what my dad did to me.

  • Im sorry you went through that. I have similar experience and im a girl and im 15 huggs xxxxxx

  • Totally understand. It's a circle. I never wanted to wet the bed. I'd try so hard. I'd almost be sick with fear and worry. I'd fall asleep knowing the belt was right there hanging on a hook in my bedroom. The crinkle of the plastic sheets. In the morning as always I'd be wet. I'd be crying because I was such a looser. My dad would come in and pull back the sheets. Then he'd whip me with the belt. I'd just lie there shivering and soaked in urine. It would be so painful the welts from yesterday not healed and more today. I even rationalised that this was what I needed to cure me.

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