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My boyfriend has always enjoyed a***, which is fine because I enjoy it myself. He also likes my short pixie hairstyle, and encourages me to wear jeans and t-shirts rather than skirts. And that's fine as well because I think I look good. However, a short while ago he told me that he'd bought me a school uniform to wear while we have s**, I thought he meant a schoolgirl uniform and was happy with that, I've actually worn one for a previous boyfriend, but it wasn't it was a boys uniform - trousers, shirt, tie, blazer, boys socks, boys shoes and even boys underpants. We had s**, a*** of course, with me bent over a table with the trousers and underpants around my ankles. You can imagine what I thought, but I went along with it and we did the same thing several times after that. To test him I then suggested that I'd like to watch gay p*** with him, so we did, and he seemed very comfortable with it, even appearing to enjoy it. In the end out of curiosity I asked him whether he'd ever had s** with another male and it was like opening a floodgate He told me, in some detail, about numerous incidents where he'd had sexual encounters with other boys, both at school and at university. Although he won't admit it I'm now convinced that when we have s** he is, in his head, having s** with a boy, although outside of the role plays he sucks my t***, licks my p**** and does all the other things I'd expect him to do. He even sometimes gives my panties a sniff when he takes them off and tells me how the smell of my p**** turns him on. He says he loves me and doesn't want a same s** relationship, and I love him too but I just don't know where to go with this situation.

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  • I will f*** you and I would like for you to wear the school girl outfit

  • MMF! Have fun together and follow your heart.

  • Talk it through with him. Of course you’ll have to work at it. Ask him to be totally honest with you and don’t forget if he’s having unprotected a*** s** this couldpossibly lead to some potentially serious consequences.
    Maybe he’s trying to tell without breaking your heart

  • Dump him he is a faggots!!

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