I stopped wearing sweat pants because they are to easy to pull down. I got them pulled down once and when I bent to pull them up my panties were yanked down. Almost died of shame because they did it in front of boys that all got a free butt and p**** show. I'm still embarrassed because boys now know what my p**** looks like. Got my whole crotch exposed to the world and everyone keeps reminding me about it. High school turned into h***.

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  • Mine happened in a boarding school when I was 14 wearing pajamas. Everyone knew you didn't wear underwear under them. We had a two hour break time before bed time in the TV game room with boys and girls. We has a young PE teacher named Joe that double up as our bedroom night care taker. He showed up with some girls and asked me how high could I stretch my arms over my head. Had no reason to suspect I was being tricked. I stretched them as high as I could and this girl pulled my pajamas down. Elastic band pajamas that slid down in a flash and ended up stripped naked and horribly embarrassed.

  • Sure thing...they come down easily. That's how I saw a boys d*** pop out into view. His sweat pants came down along with his underwear and !WOW! did he have a b****. Right in front of all my girlfriends.

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