I wish the confessions came up sooner

I am addicted to this web site but I hate how new confessions take forever to show up

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  • I agree with the wait , Also repeating the old posts , But I personally have posted more than one confession on this site without it being shown , I don't believe it was offensive in anyway so I don't know why it was not shown . Others I have posted have been shown and they are TRUE , Most comments are very constructive and helpful , The thing i dont like is when they insinuate you are lying or mention your grammar . Just enjoy the posts

  • When people stop lying and learn how the English language works, those insinuations will stop. Until then, anyone whose fee-fees get hurt can just drown in their bitter, illiterate, lying tears.

  • Yes the wait sucks

  • ....and another thing...…….almost half of the posts now have blank intros......can't see what there about or how they begin...… and the later posts on some existing threads are ALL blanked......this used to be such a good site...…. now?...………..not .....sux..…………..

  • Right!, I get theirs a process but cmon i posted a confession about 1 week ago no longer than 3 paragraphs and its still not up. Please Fix!

  • I agree they are just too slow and some never get up at all. they discriminate against a lot of confessions. certain people are not welcome on this shittty site.

  • But they'll let through the serial posters who say the same thing over and over again and have nothing else going on in their lives. Pretty lame.

  • Same here. Also, I hate the fact that you have to wade through all the repeated posts on successive pages. Bad programming. Bad maintenance. Bad marketing.

  • What is in for you anyway?

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