It's obvious to all three of us that...…..

....…..your wife cannot compete with me. Not in any way. Not one. So why don't you just leave? Do it today. Come to me today. Stay with me tonight. Make it permanent. NOW! Dump that b****. If you don't end it...….I will. Is that what you want? Wouldn't you rather do it kindly rather than have me do it ugly and be spiteful about it? You know me: I would enjoy breaking her into pieces. I would LOVE to do that. For you. For us. For me. Leave her. She is nothing. I am everything. Do it. Dump that b****.

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  • He's just using you for the s**. You're just a s** toy with functioning legs.

  • I'm in a very similar situation. The wife knows about me but she can't stop him from coming to see me. She knows her marriage is a joke because of me but she holds the kids up for ransom and guilts him with them. He loves me more. And I know you know how that feels. I've thought about letting myself get "pregnant by mistake", which I'm sure would blow them up. Have you given that any thought???

  • I did that once, and it worked like a charm. I got pregnant, "accidentally on purpose", and within thirteen months of the child's birth, I was married to her father, just as life -- and God -- intended for us to be. The product of my "accident" is now nine years old, and she has a little brother, almost four, and another sibling on the way. They have two half-siblings, but they don't count because I don't allow them to count: they are worthless little s****, just like their worthless little mommy (the ex). I've managed to keep the ex-wife and the ex-children out of our lives, because that's the way I want it and that's the way it should be. These little "accidents" do work . . . as long as the baby daddy doesn't find out. :)

  • …..same here..... I've got my boss at work in the trick bag....15wks preg…… never been happier...… by the time the babe arrives..... he'll be all mine...… ALL mine!!!!! .and the wife will be the ex!!!!!!

  • No way baby. So many other women have dreamed of being THE woman but you never can be. It is the boring wife that drives his attention to you. Once he leaves her the spice will go out of your relationship too.

  • So totally ^true^. Absolutely. And one other thing: you aren't the only one he's cheating with: there are at least two others, and maybe far more than that. Wake up, honey, and smell the adultery.

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