We are much closer now

My wife has this friend who has been her bestie for years, Sometimes they get drunk and think it is funny to sleep in our bed together and my wife kicks me to the couch. Last night they came home and my wife stumbled in to the bedroom waking me up saying "baby...go sleep on the couch so *** can sleep here", I decided fuck it and said No, She said "ok, We are getting in" and she thought I would be crowded out and move to the couch.
they both stripped to just their thongs and tank tops and my wife said 'We are getting in" then they laid down and my wife kept trying to snuggle up to me so I rolled over and spooned her. She is always a snuggler and I hate snuggling so I have in the past gotten up and left when she tried so she thought it would work but I stood my ground.
A few minutes of giggling and whispering went by before my wife said something to her friend and got no reply, She tried squeezing me out again but instead I pulled her thong to the side and she slapped my hand away, I kept trying and she looked back at me with big eyes motioning toward her friend. I whispered her friends name and she didn't move so I kept working on my wife as she kept pretending it wasn't going to happen right there in front of her friend.
My wife was pretty wasted and eventually she looked back at me with a scowl and angrily whispered "You have 2 minutes" and pulled her thong to the side. I slid it in her and she gasped elbowing me whispering "Not so fucking rough", She was obviously more into it than she was letting on because she was wet almost instantly, I got her onto her stomach and was sliding it in and out of her from behind when I looked over at her friend.
*** is a little thicker but has a gorgeous face, Absolutely beautiful and huge tits, My wife told me one time that she is an E cup.
As I laid there sliding in and out of my wifes wet pussy I was also watching ***'s boobs bounce as she laid on her back, My wife was face down facing away from *** so I took one hand and reached over touching her boob as it jiggled, My wife was just laying there way past the 2 minute mark and I am pretty sure she passed out a couple times but I was able to work ***'s tank top up and her huge tits popped out jiggling and wiggling. With my wife facing the other way I leaned over and sucked on ***'s boobs and slid my hand in her panties. I was surprised to find she keeps it completely bald and she was also already wet, I laid there banging my wife from behind while fingering her best friend and sucking on her humongous boobs with their giant nipples.
Eventually it was too much and I dumped a huge load deep in my wife from behind as she grunted and reached back trying to stop me from shoving so deep in her. After I was done I pulled out and she must have already been passed out because she just grunted and squeezed her but cheeks pulling away and rolling to her side. I got up and went to the kitchen and not even a minute later I turned around and *** was standing there.
I froze and she stood there staring at me, I said "Hi" and she said "really?...Hi...that's what you have to say?", I froze realizing she knew what had happened and she said "Anything else to say?", I put my head down and said "Sorry" and she said "yeah...I would think so...Did you actually think I was alseep...I stopped talking to ******* so she would stop keeping me awake, Now WTF...I just got fingered by my best friends husband and now I am horny and you have to help me".
I stood there felling like I was in some cheap, Low budget porno or something and said "Uuuhhh...No, I am not", She said "well...I can just explain to her what happened or you can finish it and we can forget about it", After a little bit of talking she started to bargain with me and in the weirdest bargaining situation ever I agreed to finish her with my fingers. We went to the spare room down stairs and I followed her watching her chubby little but wiggle, She closed the door, Whipped off her thong and spread her legs.
I knelt between her legs and as I started to rub her she grabbed my hand shoving my finger in her and whispered "I don't want you to make love to me...Just pound me so I can come", I shoved two fingers in her and she is actually pretty tight, I have over the years gotten good at hitting a certain, Hard to reach spot and as I curved my fingers up she tensed up and her eyes got wide as she spread her legs and moaned "OOHH shit...What the...Oh god", I leaned in and she pulled my head to her tits as she pretty much ripped her top off.
I was fingering her and sucking her big nips and she slid her hand in my underwear then looked at me and whispered "holy fuck...She wasn't kidding", I let her work my underwear down and let her jerk me as I pounded her taking her to the edge and back a few times then I stood beside her and she gave me head while I fingered her, I leaned over and licked her a little while rubbing the inside of her pussy, She had her legs spread wider than I thought was even possible and I slid a finger down between her but cheeks and into her bum, I was giving her the shocker, Rubbing her G spot, Pinching her nips and she was sucking me, It has been a lot of years since I have gotten off twice in one night but I gave her a huge load, She sucked and choked and gagged to get it all down then tilted her head back and started to shake, I was shoving all three fingers deep in her. Two in her pussy rubbing her g spot feverishly and my pinky in her bum and she loved it, She started to come and she didn't squirt but flooded my hand and the sheets.
She just kept moaning "More, More, More" and she kept coming for a solid 30 seconds then clenched her thighs and grabbed my hand pulling all three fingers out of her slowly.
She was laying there grabbing her head and running her fingers through her hair for a minute then looked at me and said "What...The...Fuck...Was...That", I sat down beside her and she looked up at me, I kissed her and she pulled back saying "No, No, No...It's not like that" and after whispering in her ear about how I had just given her a G spot orgasm she "looked at me and said "You have to go" She stood up and pushed me to the door and then we had a minute or so of me sucking her neck and playing with her boobs as she stroked my cock.
This morning I went down before the wife woke up and she angrily discussed how last night was a mistake and never should have happened, She told me if I ever told a soul she would kill me and as far as real life to forget it ever happened, Oh well, I got to see her naked, Finger her pussy and her bum, Suck on her huge tits AND...She swallowed my load F'ING awesome night for me anyway. LOLOLOLOL

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