We are much closer now

My wife has this friend who has been her bestie for years, Sometimes they get drunk and think it is funny to sleep in our bed together and my wife kicks me to the couch. Last night they came home and my wife stumbled in to the bedroom waking me up saying "baby...go sleep on the couch so *** can sleep here", I decided f*** it and said No, She said "ok, We are getting in" and she thought I would be crowded out and move to the couch.
they both stripped to just their thongs and tank tops and my wife said 'We are getting in" then they laid down and my wife kept trying to snuggle up to me so I rolled over and spooned her. She is always a snuggler and I hate snuggling so I have in the past gotten up and left when she tried so she thought it would work but I stood my ground.
A few minutes of giggling and whispering went by before my wife said something to her friend and got no reply, She tried squeezing me out again but instead I pulled her thong to the side and she slapped my hand away, I kept trying and she looked back at me with big eyes motioning toward her friend. I whispered her friends name and she didn't move so I kept working on my wife as she kept pretending it wasn't going to happen right there in front of her friend.
My wife was pretty wasted and eventually she looked back at me with a scowl and angrily whispered "You have 2 minutes" and pulled her thong to the side. I slid it in her and she gasped elbowing me whispering "Not so f****** rough", She was obviously more into it than she was letting on because she was wet almost instantly, I got her onto her stomach and was sliding it in and out of her from behind when I looked over at her friend.
*** is a little thicker but has a gorgeous face, Absolutely beautiful and huge t***, My wife told me one time that she is an E cup.
As I laid there sliding in and out of my wifes wet p**** I was also watching ***'s b**** bounce as she laid on her back, My wife was face down facing away from *** so I took one hand and reached over touching her b*** as it jiggled, My wife was just laying there way past the 2 minute mark and I am pretty sure she passed out a couple times but I was able to work ***'s tank top up and her huge t*** popped out jiggling and wiggling. With my wife facing the other way I leaned over and sucked on ***'s b**** and slid my hand in her panties. I was surprised to find she keeps it completely bald and she was also already wet, I laid there banging my wife from behind while fingering her best friend and sucking on her humongous b**** with their giant nipples.
Eventually it was too much and I dumped a huge load deep in my wife from behind as she grunted and reached back trying to stop me from shoving so deep in her. After I was done I pulled out and she must have already been passed out because she just grunted and squeezed her but cheeks pulling away and rolling to her side. I got up and went to the kitchen and not even a minute later I turned around and *** was standing there.
I froze and she stood there staring at me, I said "Hi" and she said "really?...Hi...that's what you have to say?", I froze realizing she knew what had happened and she said "Anything else to say?", I put my head down and said "Sorry" and she said "yeah...I would think so...Did you actually think I was alseep...I stopped talking to ******* so she would stop keeping me awake, Now WTF...I just got fingered by my best friends husband and now I am h**** and you have to help me".
I stood there felling like I was in some cheap, Low budget p**** or something and said "Uuuhhh...No, I am not", She said "well...I can just explain to her what happened or you can finish it and we can forget about it", After a little bit of talking she started to bargain with me and in the weirdest bargaining situation ever I agreed to finish her with my fingers. We went to the spare room down stairs and I followed her watching her chubby little but wiggle, She closed the door, Whipped off her thong and spread her legs.
I knelt between her legs and as I started to rub her she grabbed my hand shoving my finger in her and whispered "I don't want you to make love to me...Just pound me so I can come", I shoved two fingers in her and she is actually pretty tight, I have over the years gotten good at hitting a certain, Hard to reach spot and as I curved my fingers up she tensed up and her eyes got wide as she spread her legs and moaned "OOHH s***...What the...Oh god", I leaned in and she pulled my head to her t*** as she pretty much ripped her top off.
I was fingering her and sucking her big nips and she slid her hand in my underwear then looked at me and whispered "holy f***...She wasn't kidding", I let her work my underwear down and let her j*** me as I pounded her taking her to the edge and back a few times then I stood beside her and she gave me head while I fingered her, I leaned over and licked her a little while rubbing the inside of her p****, She had her legs spread wider than I thought was even possible and I slid a finger down between her but cheeks and into her bum, I was giving her the shocker, Rubbing her G spot, Pinching her nips and she was sucking me, It has been a lot of years since I have gotten off twice in one night but I gave her a huge load, She sucked and choked and gagged to get it all down then tilted her head back and started to shake, I was shoving all three fingers deep in her. Two in her p**** rubbing her g spot feverishly and my pinky in her bum and she loved it, She started to come and she didn't squirt but flooded my hand and the sheets.
She just kept moaning "More, More, More" and she kept coming for a solid 30 seconds then clenched her thighs and grabbed my hand pulling all three fingers out of her slowly.
She was laying there grabbing her head and running her fingers through her hair for a minute then looked at me and said "What...The...F***...Was...That", I sat down beside her and she looked up at me, I kissed her and she pulled back saying "No, No, No...It's not like that" and after whispering in her ear about how I had just given her a G spot o***** she "looked at me and said "You have to go" She stood up and pushed me to the door and then we had a minute or so of me sucking her neck and playing with her b**** as she stroked my c***.
This morning I went down before the wife woke up and she angrily discussed how last night was a mistake and never should have happened, She told me if I ever told a soul she would kill me and as far as real life to forget it ever happened, Oh well, I got to see her naked, Finger her p**** and her bum, Suck on her huge t*** AND...She swallowed my load F'ING awesome night for me anyway. LOLOLOLOL

Jul 4, 2018

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  • Hi mom off two girls and a boy here and looking for advice plrase..

  • I will get back with you I am on my way to physical therapy it will take a while.

  • Thats fine and hope it goes well thank you...

  • I am back how can I be of assistance to you

  • Hi and thank you for getting back too me. Im not even sure were too start. My daughters and son are so unruley and frankly im worn out with them. My husband walked out on us three years ago. He wants nothing to do with my children or myself. If im honest im happy never too see him again. Its my children im concernd for. He went off with at the time i thought was my best friend in all the world. I still feel so betrayed by them bought. She was my made off honour and god mother too my eldest girl..

  • Wow what a rude awakening you have. I am sure you are a good mother I do not know yet if you had disciplined your children at all or have stopped because of their age. What are their ages if I may ask?
    I am a open book I will tell it like it is no hiding of anything.Answer every question honestly. No question is stupid or to be ashamed of I have been through step parenting, father, and grand father.

  • Hi and thank you and as regards discipline. I rarely even give them any form off discipline. My childrens ages are girls 8 and allmost 10 and boy just gone 11 two weeks ago. Im ashamed too say the walk all over me. They wont listen too anything i tell them to do. Their routine even for bedtime is all over the place. My youngest daughter is in next door and at moment my eldest son and daughter are gone all afternoon. I know im wrong and im just struggleing too even come too terms with what my husband and so called friend did. Another friend off mine is on the way over too stay the night. She has being extremly good too me and tells me i need too get my childten in hand. Im sorry too go on and feel sorry for myself. I feel like i have lost two off the most important people in my life. Im crying as i post this. Thank you for your listening ear..

  • Well my dearest mom you do need to get it out of you it could fester inside and build up and you will lash out at anyone nearby. So let it out any time even if you repeat yourself do not worry. Do not feel sorry for yourself you did nothing wrong.Look forward to your future it will get better.
    What kind of living arrangements you have? Each child have separate rooms or share?

  • Hi and i hope i have not offended you somehow..

  • You have not offended me never think that. So you need to set some ground rules with your kids tell them that punishment will change. You must follow through with spanking not just talk about it.

  • Hi and can you talk please...

  • How can I help you?

  • Just in door with eldest two and they and my youngest is acting up. Im afraid too try what you said. But willing too do it now...

  • Just do it start spanking they get unruly then strip time.

  • Will i bring them each too their rooms as my friend is here. Thank you and im shakeing so bad..

  • They need to be all in the same room and you will do fine mom.

  • Hi and my hearts broken..

  • You did fine mom you love your kids with discipline.

  • Hi and thank you. My girls are sleeping and my boy is makeing a racket in his room..

  • You have warned him then follow through with the spanking.

  • Thank you and i will now. Your so kind too me..

  • You will do fine mom do not feel guilty because you will have great kids. I will assist you in any way I can . I will answer any question you might have.

  • Hi and thank you again. Im haveing tea and toast with my friend now. My two eldest kids are still in bed and will be up soon. Youngest is just watching some telly. I know today will be a challenge. Im bringing them for school uniforms. Thank you once again babe..

  • Hope your day will be good and you are a good mom.

  • Thank you and are you there and if your busy. I talk againn thanks..

  • What is on your mind?

  • Thank you for responding. I have come into my room too clollect my thoughts. I have asked my children too get bathed and changed and they are allready looseing it. My oldest son and daughter said they have plans and are not going wit my friend or me too get school uniforms and youngest daughter is refuseing to budge off couch or turn off telly. Im not sure if i can get through this. I get knots in my stomach and feel like throwing up when they speak too me like this. I was not going too mention it. But they often are physical with me especialy my oldest girl slapping me were she can. Im so sorry im just upset..

  • It appears you need to step up the discipline and this time all of your kids need to be totally nude in the same room and you spank them you could have them standing or lay them across your lap. You will do fine mom put your mind at ease you are the parent and not them and you love them all.

  • Im so upset here and my friend is agreeing with you..

  • Go and take their clothes off and do what is necessary. You will do fine mom.

  • Hi and they are in their rooms for now. I had too get my friend too help me. Were going too have a coffe and get their uniforms. Your so kind and they are in tears and haveing fits in their rooms..

  • I am most sure your son might have been excited from seeing his sister's nudity or from your spanking. This is normal reaction as with daughters excitement.

  • Thank you and he was. I said nothing and he was soft after i finished soanking him and thank you so much babe..

  • You are most welcome and you are a great mom.

  • Thank you so much for saying that. My friend and i are getting them my not so happy children into car. I truely hope they do not carry on while were out. Your a gem..

  • Keep safe.

  • Hi and were not long home and my kids were so bold. They are getting washed and put too bed. How was your day..

  • Can you bathe all three at the same time?

  • I never thought off that babe. I gave my oldest daughter a smack on the butt in shops earlier. The three off them were so bold..

  • Bathe them all at one time.

  • I was going too spank them anyway. I dont know if i do it before or after their baths. They were so bold and rude too sales assistance..

  • Spank them before bath. Then bathe them together.

  • Thank you and will do babe...

  • Hope it went well the bathing you didn't get your clothes wet doing this?

  • Hi and i did get soaked. My kids are sleeping on their tummys as we speak. Thank you so much for your support babe..

  • Maybe you should be nude when washing them I do when washing anyone.

  • Are you naturists babe may i ask..

  • Yes we are.

  • I think thats great and yous seem like a great family babe..

  • The air you feel on your body is great.

  • It does sound truely wonderfull...

  • Sleep nude tonight we have for years.

  • I will try it tonight. Allthough i have my youngest daughter in my bed now. Thank you for everything you have done babe..

  • Get her accustomed to it also.

  • Well she is just in panties and maybe i could slip them off her. I can imagine her little face in the morning babe..

  • She will love it and so will you.

  • I have just done it and she never even woke up. Guess my spanking them has taken alot out off her. My kids were totaly shocked with me spanking them babe.

  • Hope they learn their lesson that you mean business. You are a awesome mom.

  • Your a gem babe and thank you so much. Who ever your with is a lucky lady..

  • Well we will have 43 years in January. We can start our friendship also and you are one great mom.

  • Thats wonderfull too hare now a days and very rare. I thought my x and i would grow old together. You and your wife are good people. I dont think it will be an easy road with my kids. But i will do my best babe..

  • I will be here as long as I live and help you where I can.

  • You will have me crying babe. Better get some sleep as my kids are allways up early. Im greatfull too you and thank you from the bottom off my heart babe..

  • Aw honey let me rub your back and we can fall asleep we love you. Good night and sweet dreams.

  • Thats sweet off yous babe and i would love that..

  • Can you talk babe..

  • Good morning to you.

  • Hi babe and my oldest daughter just slapped me..

  • Do not put up with that and spank her nude butt now.

  • I have a black eye babe..

  • Spank her butt hard.

  • I have not spanked her yet babe

  • Is your eye swollen?

  • You ok babe and my eye is so sore and she hit me hard..

  • Go spank her butt in front of the other kids.

  • My other two are out front playing babe. My friend is here..

  • Should i spank her with my friend looking babe..

  • I hope you did spank her

  • I did not spank her babe. She is in her room running a muck now..

  • Get her strip her in front of your friend and spank her.

  • Babe she is extremly shy..

  • Give her a choice to get spanked or walk around house nude.

  • Do you know what bsbe. Im taken her out off her room now andvdo as you said. Strip my bold little girl and give her a sound trashing and keep her nude for a bit..

  • Mom you are awesome you do love your kids .

  • Your kind babe and she is crying her eyes out nude here. Her bum looks like she sat on a hot stove and her pretty face as red also babe..

  • I would find some lotion and rub her bum.

  • Hi babe.

  • Hi there.

  • Hi babe and? i hope i have not offended you in anyway. If i did then i am truely sorry. Thank you for all you kindness and advice..

  • No honey you are doing fine it was just me I was experiencing a bad day. If I was disrespectful to you I apologize.
    Maybe like it was my time of the month for guys ha ha.

  • I forgot to ask you about your nude sleeping did you feel wonderful?

  • Thanks babe and i allways feel guilty. It felt great but my three kids are running all over me again and im sorry..

  • Time for all of you to get naked and enjoy the air is your backyard fenced in? Does it have privacy for you?

  • I would love that babe and im trying too sort my kids out. Thei curseing is off the rails..

  • Time for them to be in same room naked and waiting their turn to get spanked.

  • Hi babe and im not that big. Not too use it as an excuse. My three kids turned my home upside down when i left them with my friend too go shopping. She said my oldest daughter struck her twice..

  • Your friend should spank her first for daughters actions then you follow through. Remember all nude they should be and leave them nude.

  • Hi babe and i showed my friend. She is more than happy too spank my daughter. Do you recommend we bought spank her and i just spank my younget daughter and son and thank you babe..

  • Both spank her.
    You are a great mom.

  • Hi babe..

  • Hello honey.

  • Hi babe and my friend gave my oldest girl a rite smacking and helped with youngest two. Their in diffrent corners now babe..

  • I will call them now and thank you babe..

  • She punched my friend in the face babe and my other two kids ran off the road..

  • If she lets me babe as she is sat her covering herself up...

  • Sorry and yes it is babe. Im so close too going into her and smacking the a*** off her..

  • I will and be back soon thanks..

  • Thank you and im going too do it now. I told my friend and she agrees with you..

  • Your a descent and kind person. My friend has just arrived and i need too go look for my eldest two. She is watching my youngest. I will try do as you asked and thank you. I will be back soon. I had too drag my youngest in from next door kicking and screaming. She had a complete meltdown and hit me like useualy they do and curse..

  • Thank you so much for saying that. Sleeping arrangements are that theres a room each for us. But when my good friend who stays here at times. My two girls share a bed in my eldests room. She is never happy about it and puts up a major fuss. She does not know my friend is on her way. So will be a huge battle even with just that. Your realy kind thank you..

  • Maybe you could have the youngest daughter sleep with you to avoid problems. Maybe youngest could sleep on couch for the duration. As for discipline goes start with grounding them or take away TV privileges or phone or computer privileges.If things escalate then spanking comes into the scene. When spanking it should be done with all children present in same room so they get to witness it.When more offenses have happened then start taking off underwear and spank on bare butt with hand.If problem continues then total nudity is required this usually stops future problems.

  • I have tried grounding and other things. But they litteraly laufgh in my face at everything i try. My eldest are still out and have being gone all afternoon. I apprecciate you listening too me..

  • Are you there mate

  • Greetings to you how can I make your day better?

  • My little girl dad is here.

  • Good morning hun too you and lovley wife. I messaged you on that baby boys post. Im on a post call my x girlfriends son masterbateing. Have yous any plans for today babe. I see second baby is up again allready hun and going to be in trouble allready. First baby as had mentiond too you babe was looking for you. I take it she fell assleep though. I hope third baby girl behaves herself today hun. I cant beleave she said sorry. Baby boy is a stubborn little egg and will end up in serious trouble hun. I see he is suppose too say sorry too shop owner over a window. Him and his little friends smashed and said he wont do it babe. His daddy seems too take know messing all the same. Too spank his boxers coverd bottom in public. He is not a happy little boy. He realy beleaves he is too old too his his bum spanked and beleaves hes a man. He is far from it as you know hun. I still cant beleave you got him too go to his mommy yesterday and rescive a nude spanking. You could tell he was so nerfous poor baby xxx

  • How you mate and hope you see this and if not thanks for everything cheers...

  • How are you and the kids doing?

  • You there mate and hope you well...

  • Hello and how are you and kids doing?

  • Thanks for getting back mate. My has being at it again since six this morning and i did not get much sleep. My eldest darling knows something is up. Because she asked for her phone back mate. But my wife had called and texted her phone and left bad messages. I used the excuse off her behaviour for not getting her phone back. She went into her room and slammed her door. I can live with that mate. I may take a trip with them too mate off mine and get us all out for a bit. Thanks once again for listening mate...

  • Hope you have a good day.

  • How you mate and im at my friends place and eldest daughter and their son ran off. Im tired off her general behaviour at this stage...

  • Well strip them when you find them and spank them in front of each other.

  • Im home with kids mate and how are you and family...

  • I do not have to wear shoulder sling anymore. Now I can be real nude again.

  • Glad too hare it mate and i regret i had too spank my eldest again when got her home. Their all in bed now mate...

  • It does happen and maybe more.

  • Cheers mate and how you and family doing...

  • We are doing fine can't wait for grand daughter to come and sit on my nude lap. She is twelve.

  • Sorry should off said father off little princess here...

  • How are you two?

  • No problem and thans for getting back...

  • Need to take son to work be back in a few.

  • I am back now at home.

  • She is being so damm rude..

  • Telling you to get lost?

  • If only was that. She is screaming and on her bedroom floor haveing a full blown tantrum. Thin is im afraid she will damage herself more. As she is useing her injured foot and arm aslso.

  • You tell her how stupid that action is.

  • Im looseing my mind here....

  • I have and i put her on her bed and she got off it and even put pillows and cushens under her and she threm and said i wont repeat. Ten years old going on like a damm toddler. Maybe i should treat her like one..

  • Maybe it is time to put diaper on her and powder her like a baby.

  • ? Have yous ever had too do it with your children...

  • No I have not personally however there are some parents that have done so.

  • Im worn out with my little princess....

  • So did you diaper her and prep her as a baby?

  • She pulled it off everytime and i kept smacking her legs and butt. I went in a few minutes ago and she is sleeping on her floor and diaper off her. I will put one on as she is sleeping and thanks. I will need paitents off a saint...

  • Oh what a princess she sure is stretching her kingdom.

  • Thank you and she is sound assleep and know dought wont be happy with me in the morning when sees diaper...

  • You will do fine you have one stubborn princess.

  • Im about ready too trottle my princess. My sister is comeing over for a copill off days....

  • I knew she would do that. I diaperd her again as said and when went into check in on her this morning. She had cream, powder and stuff all over the place. She wont eat again and im cleaning mess up. I will calm down and then my princess is getting a rite spanking and will eat if she likes it or not...

  • Are you there..

  • Im going too as you said. Will go too store and pick up diapers and other bits and pieces.....

  • Back from local store with diapers and stuff. My daughter has not got a clue and im frightend here....

  • You serious and you have me thinking...

  • You there.....

  • Why didn't you f*** her?

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