The old days

My husband and I were reading some stories on here and although there is no way to tell what's real and what's bull one story made my husband bring up something that happened over 20 years ago which made us both laugh.
My husband and I were newlyweds (21 & 23) and back in the day we both had very high sex drives, We had attended a family reunion and were to stay in a cabin with 3 of my cousins and my sister, After the festivities we got into bed and started fooling around but a minute or two later my cousin (also 21) came stumbling in wearing just a t-shirt and thong mumbling about her brothers being assholes and crawled into bed with us mumbling about sleeping in our bed. Neither of us really knew what she was talking about but later found out they had filled her bed with cornflakes, Within seconds she was passed out and we laid there looking at eachother.
My husband whispered for me to roll over and point my bum toward him so, Still being more than a bit excited I did, He was slowly doing me from behind and trying not to shake the bed too much but then I noticed her was staring at my cousins chest. Back then she had what I have to admit were amazing boobs, The kind anyone would have been jealous of, DDD's and perfectly symmetrical while still being super firm and they still looked great even on her back, Her boobs were jiggling as we had sex and I caught him looking at them so I elbowed him, Mine are and always have been small.
I was pretty drunk and had reached a point where I just knew it wasn't happening for me so I told him to hurry up, He rolled me onto my back and since I didn't think there was anything that was going to wake my cousin I let him with a warning that he had 2 minutes and it was over. He had pulled my shirt up and just when I was about to tell him he had lost his chance and we were done my cousin rolled to face us, She had her eyes open and looked right at me which made us both freeze but before I could say anything she reached over and pinched my nipple.
I can only imagine the look on my face but my husband just started stroking again, I was having a panic attack but she just laid there not saying a word and rolling my nipple between her fingers as she looked at my boobs. My husband put his legs on the outside of mine squeezing my legs together which was always a "Finishing move" for me, That used to always get me off and with him doing that and my cousin pinching my nipple it didn't take long (maybe 3-4 minutes) before I got off and my cousin looked up at him, That was when I noticed he had his hand in her shirt playing with her boobs, I looked at him angrily and he just shrugged.
He stroked maybe a dozen more times before pulling out and when he did my cousin took her hand off my boob and grabbed his shaft stroking him, He almost had a heart attack but he came so hard I had to use my hands to block it from hitting me in the face, She stroked him as he came and we both stared at her, When he was done he put his hand on hers to stop her and she just pulled her hand away, Wiped it off on the sheets, Rolled over and went to sleep.
We both got out of bed and went to the bathroom to clean up and stood there staring at each other before finally I said WTF was that which made us both burst out laughing. We both cleaned up and went back to bed, The next day nothing was said except that she was embarrassed about being in bed with us in just a thong and not remembering how she got there, My husband had to go to her room and get her shorts and left the room after bringing them to her and I asked if she remembered going to bed, She held her head in her hands and said "Good god no...I don't remember the last half of the night".
To this day she has never acted weird or awkward around either of us and nothing was ever said, I knew my husband had played with her boobs but being preoccupied I never noticed that he had moved his hand from her chest and had been fingering her while he came. Had I known earlier I may have been mad but 20 years later it seems pointless to be angry about.
Anyway, Recalling that night made us both laugh.

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