Naughty but not nice ... well not for me anyway!

Me and my boyfriend enjoy reading the confessions on here and we've noticed that there are quite a few people who confess to drinking their partner' pee, so we decided to give it a try. So we drank lots of water and peed a few times until it was coming out clear, which is what we've read you need to do. We then went to the bathroom to do the deed! Now I have to admit that my boyfriend is braver than me so we agreed that he would go first. It was a bit awkward getting into the right position but we managed to do it and good enough he drank most of it. Unfortunately when it came to my turn I just couldn't do it, he fired it into my mouth but I just couldn't bring myself to swallow, so it all ended up going down the shower drain. Afterwards my boyfriend said that my pee tasted ok but I just thought his tasted horrible, even though, if anything, his was a bit clearer than mine. Maybe a girl's pee tastes better than a guy's pee, or maybe guys just enjoy drinking it more than girls do. So yes it was naughty, and I did enjoy being the one doing the peeing, but it wasn't nice to be the one doing the drinking!

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  • Like anything, its an acquired taste

  • Awesome that you at least tried something new though. Way to go!

  • Me and my boyfriend have done this and I think that boys just getting more of a buzz out of drinking it than girls. Girls don't mind doing the peeing, but they prefer their bf to do the drinking!

  • I don't see on girls but love drinking theirs, and it tastes divine, their squirt tastes even better!!

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