Im 12 and have depression but no one knows

Im 12 and have depression because of my brother that has ADHD he hasnt acctually been diagnosed with it but my whole family just thinks he has got it. He always had all the attention i cant even get any alone time with my mom or dad he hasnt really abused me or anything because hes scared of me but once he tried to strangle me by pushing me against the wall holding my neck snd smacking my head against the wall but it wasn't too bad but he nearly broke my sisters arm words can't describe how much i actually hate him yeah hste is a strong word but i hate him i really do hes always telling me and my fsmily to go die in a hole. And what makes home worse is school. So im friends with all the popular people and im in their group and that but its hard theyre always expecting you to do everything right the amount of stress it causes is unbelievable the amount of secrets they tell you and you can't tell anyone else because if you do then your snaking them off and they will hate you. I reallyy want to not be with them but i havr no one else no one else likes me and all the popular people dont even like me either anf theyre alwsys bragging about how pretty they are and my friend once said im ugly and almost immediately everyone else said no your not your gorgeous and when i said im ugly i got yeah i dont like the shape of your head
Im so left out with all of them i hate my life soo much i really want to kill myself i dont even have anytjing to make myself distracted from my depression nothing makes me happy ive had depression for 7 months now and the worst thing is i cant tell anyone because i dont like telling people about my problems and its litteraly breaking me i just cant do it anymore i cant keep fighting the battle ive already lost the silent tears hurt the most maybe life just isnt for everyone


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  • Are you there sweetheart...

  • Back off pedo

  • I'm 16 tomorrow and i am in a similar situation.

  • You're wrong, unfortunately, we all know now.

  • You need to talk about what's going with you, it's important. If you feel you can't talk with your mom or dad, maybe talk with a school counselor or another adult you trust. Or even ask your mom to talk you to the doctor and tell your doctor how you're feeling.

  • I'll help you, I bet your a smoking hot 12 year old. Afterwe finish, you won't be depressed

  • You don't have depression. You have puberty.

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