Whipping my boyfriend

I love my boyfriend and will do anything to please him sexually. However a couple of nights ago he said it would really turn him on for me to whip him. I thought he was joking but he was serious so I agreed to do it. At first I just did it very lightly, almost just playing at it, but he told me no, he wanted me to do it really hard. Reluctantly I did, and I could see that I was causing welts down his back and on his bum. But then I also noticed that when a started to do it hard he got a huge erection and was clearly enjoying it immensely. Eventually he told me to stop and we had s**, and it was the best s** we've ever had. He was rampant, I've never known him so wound up.

We've agreed that we'll do it again and when I've thought about I realise that I now have the urge to whip him as hard as I can because I want the great s** afterwards. But it seems wrong and selfish to want to hurt my boyfriend in order to enjoy better s**, but if he wants to be hurt is it wrong? I feel so confused.

Jul 14, 2018

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  • This is a difficult one. Ordinarily whipping someone is a punishment but for him it is a pleasure, so by not doing it you would be denying him pleasure, and also denying yourself the pleasure that he can give you when he is so aroused. So it seems to me that you should just go ahead and do it, and enjoy it in the same way as he enjoys it.

  • Your boyfriend is a submissive. Go read about it on the internet. Take control and he will enjoy it. I would suggest that you tell him you want to tie him down and then whip him and that you will be whipping him harder and longer than he has imagined and that it will hurt. Then ask his consent and then do it. Whatever do not stop when he screams. Let me tell you as a male submissive myself it's madness but it's my kink. If I were not tied down I would not be able to endure because I am inherently too weak of character. It's so liberating to cry out from the pain and cry from the experience and then when she's done she puts her arms around and hugs me and eventually I stop huffing and crying.

  • Do as your boyfriend asks it is a two way experience.

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