She Too

July 28 is fast approaching and it is a depressing anniversary for me. On 7/28/79, when I was in college, I was kneed really hard right in the genitals by a girl named Lisa at a party. Lisa put me in the hospital and she totally emasculated me. That was the last time I've ever groped a woman. Now, whenever I get the urge to touch a woman's body parts I get flashbacks from 7/28/79 when Lisa kneed my genitals in. From that day on, my sexuality has been a complete dysfunctional train wreck.

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  • Is it...are you a sexually disturbed woman...?

  • No! I'm a real guy.

  • This is either bogus or written by a perverted female, both of which are bait for responses & to play games.

  • Not so! This really happened. I was kneed in the genital by a girl who I was crushing on at a party. She put me in the hospital and severely damaged both of my testicles. The incident messed up both my mind and my body. That's why I'm writing about it 39 years after the fact.

  • Then you have an idea what it's like to be raped. Quit whining and use your not even remotely new knowledge for something useful!

  • The women have taken the power

  • So sorry to hear it and thank you now onwards i will wear a guard before an attempt

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