My Groin Cup Is My Protector

When I was in junior college, at a party, I was kneed in the groin by a girl (her name is Lisa) so hard that she floored me and I had to be taken to the hospital. She ruined me for life.

Lisa had taken a self defense class and, at the time, I just couldn't live with the fact that a woman's knee could be so powerful. To this day, 37 years later, I still get PTSD flashbacks and panic attacks whenever something triggers a memory of how hard Lisa kneed me in the groin.

The fact that Lisa had taken a self defense class and that she used her skills to injure me, while I had no training at all, was my motivation to join a karate school.

When I started taking karate classes, the most valuable lesson I learned was the security and protection that a well made groin cup will provide. During sparring matches I felt amazingly empowered seeing hard kicks to my groin aria harmlessly blocked by my groin cup.

To this day, I wear my groin cup whenever I go out in public. Never again will anybody ever put me down like Lisa did 37 years ago.......



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  • Rape is for losers. If I'd had the chance, I would have preferred to knock her to the ground and then stomp on her face.

  • I would have raped her.

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