me and my step dad

I have to confess. I'm a 21yo female and guys have told me I'm good looking w/ a great body. My mom and step dad,both 41, have been together for 10 years, married for 3. He has been more of a father to me than my real dad and I call him daddy. He's good looking and in good shape. My mom was away for the week so I stopped over to see my stap dad Fri. night. I brought some wine and some movies for the night. After the first movie we decided to play some cards. We played this card game called Only the truth, if you loose a hand you have to answer a question completely truthful. We were playing for a while and it was alot of fun, then I started feeling a little adventerous. Maybe it was the wine, I don't know, or was just uninhibited. I asked him if he thought I was good looking, he said very beautiful. Next time around I asked him if he tought I had a nice body, he paused and I said "remember, 100% honesty", after another pause I asked again, he replied "very hot", good answer. Next I asked him if he liked looking at my body, his reply, yes. I asked him if he would be bothered if he saw me naked, his answer, no. At this point I stood up took off my shirt and bra before he had a chance to stop me, then I took off my pants, standing there in only a thong. The look on his face was priceless as he sat there looking at my body. I asked him if he wanted to see more, no response, so I took that as a yes. I took his hands and put them on each side of my thong and pulled them down, he had to lean over and his face was right at my crotch. I stood there naked in front of him. I took his hands and stood him up, then I said, " now I get to undress you". He didn't resist when I took off his shirt or when I got on my knees and took off his pants (no underwear) and wow, what a suprise. He was fully aroused and was bigger than I had ever seen before. What happened the and for the rest of the night wasn't what you might expect, and it was incredible, alot of touching and feeling and stokeing. We woke up in the morning naked in bed together. Spent the day, at my request, wearing hardly anything if anything.
Here's the thing. I have a bf, things aren't that great, and I know my step dad loves my mom. I like being comfortable around him half dressed or naked and I like seeing him naked. I was over there that week every time he was home, my bf isn't around much. I even suprised him by getting in the shower with him and we soaped each other up, felt great. I know it's not right, I even wear revealing clothes for him, shirts show clevage, tight low rise jeans, short mini skirts, but I can't help it. Since that first week, there hasn't been much touching, but I do reveal myself to him when I can and get him to do the same. That's where I'm at now, don't know if anything will ever happen but it feels naughty and good.

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  • Why wait take hold of his c*** and suck him off and then let him see your c*** and slide it up your c*** and f*** him

  • What are you waiting for just take hold of his c*** and rub it over your p**** and tell him to f*** you. my granddaughter did it to me and i was up her c*** in two seconds flat, now i f*** her every time we are alone. she's eighteen years old but she f***'s like an adult.

  • I am also f****** my actual daughter, my wife was away visiting her mother for the weekend so there was just me and her. She is fourteen , decided to take a shower and got undressed and walked in the bathroom and was surprised to see my daughter taking a shower,i said sorry sweetheart and went to walk out, she looked at my naked body and that's alright daddy why don't you join me and we can shower together. i was not sure at first but she said i din't mind so i got in with her and she began to bathe me. It felt very nice as she washed my body and when she began to wash my c*** it got very hard and she took hold of it and said we better make sure this is clean and began stroking it. It felt so wonderful in her hand and it made wanted to f*** her. I said Oh darling that feels very nice and pulled into my body and cuddled her to me, she said f*** me daddy put your c*** in me and f*** me, so i lent her against the shower wall and she guided my c*** into her young c*** sinking it all the way up her and taking her hymen with it. i f***** her for about twenty minutes when i felt my self c****** ,i said Oh my darling i am going to c** in you i'd better pull it out, she said no leave it in and f*** me full of all your s**** daddy. So i proceeded to drive my c*** as far as i could up her c*** and flooded her womb full of my c**. She started to slide down the wall of the shower so i dried us both off and picked her up and took her to my bedroom and laid her on the bed. She said OH daddy that was wonderful i want you to f*** me again, so we laid there for awhile and after an hour or so we were ready to f*** each other again. She is now nineteen and we regular have s** and she on the pill so i can fill her full of my s****, she seize she want me to get her pregnant one day soon. my wife still do'nt i a'm f****** her.

  • I have such a stepdad kink, every time I touch myself I think of him f****** me. I hate being alone in the same room with him because I just want to jump his bones. I know it’s not healthy and I love my mom more than anything, but Jesus Christ given the opportunity, I would f*** the s*** out of him.

  • He’s lucky then

  • F*** the s*** out of him please he really wants it trust me!!! I wish my stepdaughter would want my c*** like that i would f*** her in a heart beat i love the story

  • That's unhealthy, break off all contact with him. He's married to your mother, you're being a terrible person

  • W****

  • I caught my step daughter spying on my showering and masturbating. This started when she was 17. I then would purposely m********* with the door open. She would get so h**** she would go pleasure herself thinking of my d*** inside her. When she turned 18 I told her I knew everything. I confessed I purposely left the door open because I knew she was aroused by me. I told her I wanted to f*** her for 2 years. I asked her if she wants me to f*** her. Without much of hesitation she said yes. She confessed that she knew when we first met when she was 14 she wanted to have s**.2 days later we had the chance.

    I took her shirt off and sucked her big brown nipples, then went down on her. She was so wet. I was so h**** for her my b**** were aching. After 3 minutes of thrusting i knew I shouldn't but I couldn't fight the urge to e******** inside her. I seem like I was letting go of a cup full. I finished deep inside were very little dripped out. I was so h**** I was still hard so I kept thrusting till my erection subsided.

    Now we have regular s** 3-4 times a week. She is a different person with me, she turns into a s** starved h**** 18 year old you expect. But later when everybody is around she turns back into the sweet quiet person. She acts like nothing has changed. But I can tell when she wants to f***. Just recently I f***** her in the morning then the afternoon then I f***** the wife at night. Incredibly I f***** the step again the next day. My b**** felt drained and depleted. I'm getting more s** at 38 then I was getting for my entire 20's combined

  • Your so lucky, i'm envious of you, i have been wanting to f*** my daughter for some time now ever since i caught her naked coming out of the bathroom. her mother is going away for the weekend and i am planning to make a move on her and f*** her. I am walking around with a permanent h******. what do you think i should do.

  • Don't talk about it, go for it and s*** the life out of her

  • Go for it and strip of in front of her and show her your d***, then give her a cuddle and begin to strip her off. The what i did to my daughter she was thirteen at the time and was amazed at the sight of massive my eight inch hard c*** and then took hold of it. i said i want to f*** you sweetheart she thew her arms around my neck and kissed me and said Oh yes please daddy. So i picked up and carried up stairs to my bedroom and she stretched her self out on the bed and opened her thighs.The sight of her sweet young thirteen old wide open young f**** was amazing and i just had to get between her thighs and slip my c*** all the way up her sweet young c***. As i bottomed out in that beautiful sweet young c*** i thought i gone to heaven, actually i was in heaven, so i began to f*** he, as she kept repeating Oh daddy i like i like your c*** f*** me f*** me hard with it, so i began f****** her with all my might. we were f****** each other for twenty minutes when i felt i was c******, i said OH darling 'm c****** i'm c******, she said so am i daddy f*** me and fill me with all your s**** and i the began to fill her womb with all my baby making seed. After we had recovered from the most wonderful f*** i have ever had my c*** slipped of her c*** and we laid there cuddling from our most wonderful experience she said thank you daddy. That was two year ago she is now sixteen and she now pregnant with our baby. my wife knows it my baby and she is looking forwards to the birth and to hold her first grandchild.

  • Go for it and f*** her, i did the same with my step daughter and f*** her she was just turn fourteen, we have been f****** each other ever since. She is now sixteen and want's me to get her pregnant, i must say i like the idea.

  • That's disgusting, you should be in jail you creep

  • I'm 48 my step daughter turned 28 a month ago. She is always making sure that I get a look at bra and panty, if she is wearing one. Giving me peeps up her skirt. Recently she became more daring openly flashing her bra or getting naked in front of the baby cam while she made sure I can see the receiver. I won't f*** her but will enjoy the view.

  • Why don't you f*** her she can't make it any plainer' my daughter began bending over letting me see down her 38 inch t***,for seventeen year old she had a wonderful pair of t***. It was obverse she wanted me to f*** her, so one day when her mother was away for the weekend i decided to f*** her and s*** the a*** off her. She walked in the lounge and sat beside me on the settee, as we sat there i let my hand fall in her lap and when she open her thighs i knew i was going to f*** her. i began rubbing her knee to see her reaction. She gave me a smile as i slowly slide my hand up her dress and when i reach her panties she opened her thighs and let me run me hand over pantie covered p****. She gave a big sigh as i slipped a finger under the leg of her panties and slipped in between her c*** lips. She gave another big sigh and said yes daddy i said do you like that with my finger in your p**** she said Oh yes dad, I then said how would like me to stick my hard c*** up your c*** and f*** you. She replied Oh yes daddy i really want you to f*** me. So i stood her up and removed all off her clothes. As she stood in all her naked glory i could not strip my clothes off quick enough and stood there with the biggest h****** ever, she look at my c*** and said Oh daddy that's a very nice c*** and so big but i don't think it will fit in my c***.i said don't you worry sweetheart, i'll go very slowly and you will love my c*** when it all the way up your c*** and i begin to f*** you. So i laid on on my wife's and my bed and spread her legs wide open. As i got between her thighs and placed my rampant hard c*** against her c*** lips and said are you ready sweetheart i am now going to f*** you and i pushed the head of my hard c*** against her entrance and eased my c*** in her,As the head of my c*** slipped in between her c*** lips she said Oh daddy i can feel your c*** in me f*** me f*** me, so i drove my c*** all the way in her and f*** her filling her full of my s****.

  • It seem you both enjoyed yourself and i am also thinking of f****** both my daughters, one is sixteen and her sister is thirteen. They both walk about just in there panties and bras giving me a ragging h******. Their mother is going away to her sisters for a week soon and i'm thinking it would be a good time to make a move on both my daughters. Wish me luck if it happens i will let you know.

  • Wish it was me f****** my two daughters, i am have fantasies of driving my seven inch c*** all the way up there c*** and taking their virginitys .

  • Oh my god I hate men

  • Then eat p**** lezbo

  • U r just mad because your puzzyant getting f***** like that!!!

  • Why wont you f*** her, she been offering to it you . Next time she flashes you take her to bed an f*** the living daylight out of her, my seventeen year old niece started to flash her knicker at me, an i'm now f****** her every time we are alone. she as a younger sister and she talking about getting her to join in aaswell.

  • My sexy stepdaughter is always wearing spandex and skimpy clothes around me. She also leaves her freshly worn gstrings for me to use

  • Sounds like you live on elmira9

  • I ducked my step daughter also but I was 33 and she was 1w

  • Fake story

  • I want to f*** you

  • I'll be ya daddy

  • You can be mine.

  • Email me swap stories. I'm a male

  • Wow way to go you stupid hoe.

  • What the h***? I understand that you like the pleasure he gives you, but try looking at this from a different point of view. This is f***** up, do something about it before your mom finds out and your relationship ship with both of your parents goes to s***

  • That is the devil trying to destroy your life, it better he has not f*** you yet, you are under preasure that it why you are seening it as a good thing and that is why you are not thing of the consequencies, what will be of your mother? what if if get's you preqenant, have you think of the same and disgress you will bring upon yourself? "STOP" now before the devil distroy's you.

  • Why do you hate your mom?

  • I have slept with my dad several times,i am on the pill and i let him c** inside me. i love it.i dont have a problem with it,i love my dad and its just s**,right.

  • I love it when y'all say that it makes me want to f*** my hot 24 year old stepdaughter

  • Well done keep it going and enjoy f****** each other, i love f****** my dad, he has a nice d*** and i like when he fill's my belly full of his s****.

  • I love it when girls saya they love f****** tbere dad!??

  • I am f****** my fourteen year old daughter, she love my c*** up her c*** and i deposit all my lovely c** in her womb.

  • I know what you mean , i am also f****** my fourteen year old daughterand i just love it when bury my seven inch c*** up her c*** and fill her with all my s****, she is on the pill so there is no chance of getting pregnant or though she would like me younger daughter caught me f****** her sister and wants me to f*** her. i am seriously thinking of f****** her as well but she is only twelve so i think i well wait till she older i did eat her c*** out once but that's.

  • Like your dad i am f****** my daughter she is fourteen, my wife was away for the weekend and me and my daughter were on our own. The weekend we were both sun bathing in the back garden in our bathing suits when she asked to see my p****, i was taken aback at first and then i noticed she had spread her legs open wide and i could see her the shape of her c*** lips through her bikini bottoms. i said well i don't know sweetheart, she said oh daddy please i have never seen a mans p**** before. I said it called a c*** normally darling so if i show you my c*** can i see your p****, she jumped up and said oh yes yes daddy and pulled her bikini off and stood there naked as the day she was born. My c*** was instantly rock hard and she said did i do that daddy, i said yes, you did my sweetheart, you are the most beautiful young woman i have ever seen and i so want to f*** you. HO yes daddy please f*** me with that wonderful c*** of yours, so i took her in my arms and laid her down on the sun lounger as she spread her thighs displaying her gorgeous fourteen year old c*** to me. All sense protocol of her being my young daughter went out the window, i just had too f*** her, so i got between her thighs and pushed all of my seven inch c*** in her c*** and began to s*** the a*** off her as i bottomed in her. She was saying Oh daddy yes Oh daddy yes f*** me f*** me hard i want you to get me pregnant with your baby. So i started to f*** her with all my heart as she was chanting yes daddy yes give me all of your c*** fill my belly with all your s**** and make a baby in me. We continued s******* each other all the weekend and i dumped several loads of my s**** in her womb, fortunately i never got her pregnant . We still f*** each other though i got her mother to put her on the pill and she still don't know i am f*** our daughter.

  • Good for you f*** her well and fill her womb full of your s****, i am doing the same to my thirteen year old daughter she can't get enough of my s**** in her womb. keep up a good supply of s**** and keep her c*** well lubricated with it.

  • I too sleep with dad and mom. We sleep on one bed naked.
    We are nudist go to resort. There is lot of thing going on that many people dont like it. In our thinking connecting people can do what they want to
    We have other nudist families who are doing what they want. I know many people dont like what we r doing. It is their thing. We want to do what we want

  • Would love to ask questions about that lifestyle and get honest answers, if your up to answering some honestly, email me at thanks

  • Mom and dad were swinger before I was born. They exchange with others some time it there are 10 couple having fun. Ask any nudist they will denis
    We also dont tell relatives. I am now 21 before when was going to school was told not to tell any one. I never told any one other then other girls doing it.

  • Hot dahm

  • What if you are scared of him telling my mom or my mom finding out about it? I want to have *** with my step dad but,I'm scared. When he gets in the shower,I want to get in with him but,I get scared. Do you have any suggestions?

  • Take it slow by not hiding yourself when you're getting naked or stop wearing panties around him and give him a peak once in awhile. Just take it slow until you get the nerve to step into that shower with him. Just remember that he is scared of the consequences and rejection. He can't have doubt in his mind that you want him or he won't act on it. Be safe.

  • Just do it if u where my stepdaughter I show u lots of stuff

  • I agree...Go.ahead...

  • Tell me more

  • Can we chat email me

  • I have a stepdaughter and I love her cameltoe

  • I have tried to let my stepdaughters see me naked or catch me masturbating but have not had much luck. Do you have any tips? It has to seem accidental.

  • Try walking around in only a dressing gown, loosely tied, then help "wardrobe malfunctions" as it falls open revealing your c***

  • Good idea i'll try this week end and show him my c*** when mum is out.

  • Did that work?

  • Try being topless at home and just underpants, hope you have a big c*** haha my stepdad has and he is one real f*** fantasy, my hot body and his are just awe

  • I want to f*** you.

  • You can f*** me.

  • I have tried to let my stepdaughters see my d*** or catch me masturbating but have not had much success. Any tips? I need it to seem accidental.

  • Im 59yr and My 21yr stepdaughter is really a PERFECT woman.. if I would have met her at her present age, I would have worshipped her and married her quixkly. She is smart, intelligent and powerful. This love I have has never gone over the line. However, I dream about some day she wI'll smile at me, hold my hand ln het hand and allow me to confess my feelings for her
    It's not s**. It's PURE Love. I know that nothing will prob ever come from my dream. All that I would like out of this relationship is to know that she loves me just a little bit and does not hate mE BEcause OF my uncontrolled love that I have for her. I FIND THAT HELPING TO CURE MY MALEDY IS TO NOT CALL HER, STARE AT HER or DO ANYTHING THAT MAKES HER inCOMFORTABLE.. there should be a law that sayss innocent love imn, s acceptable. Love is love . How do you unfall in love with a perfect woman. I'm not sure of the answer,but it hurts like he'll 24/7 for me. I need her to move out so I can go on with my life. Damn, I love her and would give the world to her, if she would just love me a little. I sound pathetic, I am so sick of not being able to communifate. At times I considerived suicide to stop the pain.

  • If you love her that much, you need to leave her mother and be with her. Do what makes you happy. Especially if you’re considering suicide.

  • This means dont string along a female your age just for h**** release, that's unacceptable, but YOU CAN do whatever you want to her neice,is a coniving h**** who will never be with you like u want to she just uses her s** to apease not doing a thing for u allowing her to live under YOUR roof for free,at 19-22 she need to be in collage or work , next thi g she ends up ptegnant9by you or some one but you able to support this??even if her love is s lie?

  • Um do you live in eugene,oregon,i think you need to just stop fantasizing before you die and find some happiness

  • Go for it. F*** your stepdad. You are over 18. Let him get you pregnant if you want to. Good luck.

  • I want to f*** your pussoe and loads of girls especially my sister but she won't talk to me I've licked it once when we were about 15/14 I licked it it was so nice but now I want to f*** it so bad

  • U can inpregenate me?. Email me to follow up on this at,

  • I am 13 I saw my step dad creeping outside my door while I was changing. Sometimes I would lay on the floor and he would be behind the wall touching his p**** and looking at me. I can't tell my mom because she is pregnant with twins and she can't afford them on her own. I never liked my stepfather and I am scared that he will rape me. I might just kill myself.

  • Report him !! The animal needs locking away !!

  • Hi i'm 11 and my name is joey and that is so f***** up. give me your address and i will come and grab his neck and pop his head right off his m************ b**** a****** body

  • Ha ha ha what a fucken knee slapper! Joey only in dreams only in your dreams kid. You most likely can't even get your own d*** head to pop off, if you know what I mean!

  • Have s** with me and youll be perfect.

  • Yeh, i would love to shoot my big thick load into your p**** and give you lots of kids.

  • Hi i'm 11 and that is f***** up give me your address and i will f****** grab his neck and pop his head right off his m************ b**** a****** body

  • You're probably going to get your head popped off before you even stop day dreaming about what you plan on doing to this man! sit your ass down junior, before you hurt yourself.

  • Don't kill yourself tell your mom she will understand .

  • I just posted and i completely agree

  • I'll protect you honey i love 13 year old girls and a former step parent myself, i to would try to see my stepdaughter naked. I want to lick your pussie.

  • Do more then just everything to me at.

  • Can i fill your p****,c** over your t***,and s*** you til you cant stand up.

  • YES

  • Hi it's joey again you are a b**** m************ a****** do you not know what she is going through

  • Hi its joey again. I am gay

  • Shut up

  • If that is true sweetheart you need help. Tell a teacher or someone you trust. If your mom is any kind of parent to you she would rather you were safe than have that man around. I would never let any man do that to my kids. Your saftey needs to come first. X

  • I love mom's with kids,I'll f*** all of you

  • Thats not even funny seriously????? if ur with a mom then thats the only person u should be f******

  • You should be in prison you pedophile piece of garbage! I hope you get raped because you deserve it!

  • You are closer than you think. He is waiting for you to make the final move. He cannot take the risk of trying and being turned down or that you will tell your mom. If you make the first move, he will be free of that fear.

  • That is f****** disgusting what the f*** all of you are f***** disgusting lol you should be f***** ashamed wtf omg I don't understand girls anymore an girl wth your stepdad really your pathetic am dudes step dads your even more pathetic banging your and even touching your daughters wtf if pea there real dad I'll f****** cut you and beat your f***** ass

  • Have to agree. fck this s***, fake story, but DAMN?!! WTF IS WRONG WITH THESE "DADS"... get help ... immediately.

  • You are really limited on your verbal skills for sure.

  • Well, it's not disgusting, it's legal.

  • When I was about ten or twelve years old my step mom caught me naked and make me stay naked and this went on for a couple 3 years you made me j******* in front of her I guess I enjoyed it pretty well

  • Before my mom and step dad divorced omg I spent most of high school teasing, flirting and prancing around in next to nothing trying to get his attention. He is very handsome, well built looks hot in a suit, jeans and when I could sneak a peek in his boxer briefs and he filled em out well. I used to lie in bed every night since like 7th grade touching myself and when I got my first vibrator it was like heaven Weekend of junior prom was when it finally happened. My date was a total douche and I called him to pick me up after the prom. He did. I wore a very tight very very short black minidress. I have dd boobies that were barely contained and I removed my pasties before getting in the car. I asked for the ac on so my nipples would pop they're big too. When he got the door for me I made sure I spread my legs so I could show of my fire engine red panties. I pulled up the center console of his truck and cried on his shoulder and made sure he could see down my dress. I nuzzled in real close making sure my dress rode up so he could see my panties. I saw him look over a lot and me running my hands on his shoulders and my exposure I saw he was hard as a rock. We talked and I started whispering my answers in his ear and running my fingers through his hair and looked at me and asked if I was ok? I leaned away and said I was and looked at him as seductively as I could and ran my fingers up my dress and over my very big popping nipples and then pinched them. I leaned back over grabbed his crotch and said I know you like what you see and I have been waiting for tho since I was 13. He asked if I was a virgin and I lied and said I wasn't. So he reached over touched my boobies then reached down to my crotch and touched my panties. He smiled and said I was dripping wet. So he pulled over and he pulled me close and kissed me deeply and ran the bases. He pinched my nipples hard then he played with my p**** I came so many times. He told me to get out of the truck and he had me 3 times

  • I love it baby girl u sound so dam f****** hot!!!
    I wish more daughters a d stepdaughter s would be like you any ideals i can do to f*** mine

  • I would have done the same but I would have been all-over your beautiful ass

  • SC me noski8

  • If you were so h**** at 13, you should've exposed yourself to a nerd at your school. They don't get enough love and would have loved to touch you in all the right places.

  • Geez if you like older guys, I'm available!

  • I'd take you up on that offer

  • I'd love you to f*** me and get me out of breath.

  • From a young age i used to hop into bed an snuggle feeling his bulge then he used to turn me over and place my bum on his genitals applying pressure on my c******* with his hand subtly.. he would then come into my room and give me tickles and rubs all over and would pull down my pants rubbing / teasing my private area but never fully touching it .. he used to pull my lips apart so he could see me .. and always make the excuse it was a bum rub .. but always end up making me wet .. I used to want to tell him to stick his finger inside me and just touch it .. he used to spend hours doing it .. one day he came home from work and came in for a session of touching and I remember he was trembling by the tme he finished coz I spread y legs as far apart as I could letting him practiaclly touch my lips oh .. then he quickly ran to the toilet as always after our little daddy daughter time .. then one day we were on the couch and he got me to put my feet up on his lap so he could start rubbing my legs .. as soon as i put my feet up his d*** got hard and I could feel it .. he just stared all embarassed into space .. so I let him rub my legs a all the way to my knickers where he used to pull the elastic to the side and pull my skin to stretch my p**** and look inside ... another time we were on their bed and he somehow managed to loosen all my clothes and my shirt was off he got carried away and started fully playng with my nipples and b**** I could imagine he wanted to suck them .. at night he would always tell me to go put my pajamas on coz it was quicker easier access to get me naked and also cover up incase mum came .. one night the old b**** caught him massaging the outside of my hole and bum in the dark .. he quickly pulled up my pants but boy did she go off .. I heard him tell her that I never told him to stop whch was right, not long after that I went into his bedroom and he was sitting with boxer shorts on and pulled the leg to the side to show me his d*** and b**** I n

  • I watched when they mom/dad started doing on bed. Mom teach me how to do oral. But no penetration Unless I was sleep/ got it?
    As I said before we alway on one bed I am 21 now still we r all on same bed

  • My sexy stepdaughter would say I'm so sore and would want me to rub her and she has the nicest ass legs and tan and she wears short shorts and her panties smell so good that I would sniff and lick them and And J******* Anyway She Would Seduce Me All The Time And She Knew What She Was doing

  • My stepdaughter would ask for foot leg massage and she would take her shorts off and be in little booty shorts all soiled and riding up her round ass that was tan and smooth and firm And I Would Spread Her Ass Cheeks And See Slit All Pink And wet. She would wiggle her ass and look through her phone

  • I would do same thing with my stepdaughter after her track practice

  • well I think this is disgusting and you should get help. Maybe you made a mistake, however this is very wrong as you said. You could have ruined your step father and mother's relationship. All because you find it fun to expose yourself in front of your mother's husband. I don't want you to feel bad for what you have done, but you should really think about what you're doing and the consequences of your actions. Just keep the things you did between you and your step dad or you may hurt your mother a tremendous amount.

  • That is authentically right

  • Its a little disturbing to me. Its just hankypanky but could really hurt the relationship between your mom and step-dad.

  • he is a very lucky man I'd say. Did you call him daddy when tall were f******?

  • Was he a good f***? I'd pull off your panties and f*** the h*** out of you anytime!

  • I had two stepdaughters twin 16 year old step daughter and I'll put one in during the daytime and took the other one at lunch why their mother was at work they suck my d*** they wanted me to f*** him because one day one of them walked into my room naked in the bed with you just please f****** so I did

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