I'm completely ridiculously head over

I'm completely ridiculously head over heels in love with this one girl but I think we got too serious too quick. She broke up with me saying she thinks we're heading in different directions in life. She told me she's thought about it alot but I know she's been too busy to be thinking about it in the right light. Now we've been apart for almost 2 months now. We still talk some and hang out sometimes but she's talking to another guy now. She says their just good friends but I know he wants more. I've never so much wanted to hurt someone so badly. I pray everyday that I never ever meet him because I know I will lose complete control if I do. I still have hope for me and her but I don't know if I should or not. I mean am I supposed to feel this way still? I'm a good person, a complete gentlemen in every aspect but I've never hated someone so incredibly much. I still feel like I'm with her when I'm not and this guy to me is trying to steal my girl. God, what am I supposed to do?

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  • Get a test before you go through anymore kid probly not yours

  • Think of the fun you had making the brat

  • I'm struggling being a dad. Many of us have been through having a newborn but I hate it. My wife is constantly complaining, I have no sleep because we feed all day. I'm stressed at work, I hate coming home from work. The kid cries constantly. My wife never gives me a break and my mother-in-law is full of opinions.

    I love my baby but hate being a dad. I hate it.

    Love will get me through this...

  • You know, II think you need to try to move on with your life now, focus on your future and all of the wonderful possibilities that lay ahead, your interests in life, your career, on bettering yourself as a whole person. If you're going to be together again, it will happen, but it takes two people to want one. To really want one. Get out there, surround yourself with good people. What you should do right now, is get back on your horse, don't dwell on the past or on the future about this relationship (I know, easier said than done, right?). I think that if you start to focus on the more realistic, tangible things in your life, you will find that emotionally, you will grow stronger again and find yourself being able to distance yourself emotionally from this particular experience. Try to accept the possibility of never being with this girl ever again. Try to envision a future without her and try to see it in the way it could be positive.

    It's always darkest before dawn, whatever the dawn may bring.

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