My cousins daughter-in-law

My cousins daughter-in-law started to text me everyday out of the blue. We seemed to comfort each other. I was trying to be supportive but of course the guy in me started to thing of s**. She seemed to be needing attention. I wanted to comfort her so much. She started to pull away from conversation now I feel awkward because I will be seeing her soon. What if...Should I try or let it go?

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  • KILL HER!!!

  • Wow. Look, you failed to state your age however you're clearly an adult man who isn't dry behind the ears yet. FUNDAMENTALS jack, fundamentals. You state she is seeking some adult attention yet if you are indeed trying to be supportive, the LAST item she wants observe from you is uneasiness, instability, or awkwardness. She reached out to you to due to her emotions & wants to feel the self confidence a man exudes or emanates. ACH TUNG!! Pull yourself together & adorn yourself with such. You should know by now when encountering a woman live to be upbeat, smile, & speak sensibly, with direction. Furthermore & frankly, do not disappoint the girl ; indicate at least some mild affection for her before she suspects you have no testosterone at all. The way you state your case here, good luck ; it appears you're going to need much of that at the very least.

  • Why don't you just see how it goes when you see her and go from there.

  • ^Yes^. Don't go in with a plan. Just let it flow.

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