My wife's aunt and I got carried away

When my wife got hit by a car she needed constant care. Due to the body cast and equipment, I could not sleep in our bed. We needed help to care for her at night. So we had her aunt come stay with us. She took the guest room and I took the sofa, then the floor, and finally had problems sleeping. My back was hurting and no comfort anywhere. Her aunt said the sofa was ok for her, but if I like we could share the quest room queen bed. Was not hurting anything and no one would know. My wife would never regain her self as she was. Would need help for the rest of her life. I became depressed and the comfort was nice.
We started waking up with me spooned up to her. So we went to sleep like this. One night I had trouble sleeping and woke her aunt up. We talked and it went to her kissing and hugging me. Next it went to s**.
We have become lovers and care providers for me wife. I see no family future here for me. My wife will never have children. I can not have children with her aunt. She is pushing sixty years old.
I am thinking of an offer my wifes friend made. She had interest in me and me in her. She could move in and care for my wife. If I divorced her the state would pick up the medical tab. She would have our children and include her in this.
Its tempting for me. My wifes aunt said she would be the care giver and my lover as long as I wanted.

Jun 7, 2014

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  • Stick to your wife's aunt

  • I used to fantasize of having s** with my ex wifes 60 year old mother. Fantasized about eating mother in laws p**** and filling her with c**

  • We are planning a date out on the town with my wife and her aunt. Hoping it ends with all 3 of us naked in bed together having s**. My wife knows I fantasize of having s** with her pretty petite aunt as we have had 3sums before with both men and women. Love watching my wife get it long and deep from other men

  • Love to do a 3sum with my wife and her aunt. I would suck out every drop of her aunts girl goo from her p**** while my wife watched.

  • Nice. Wish I had a sexual relationship with my wife's aunt like that

  • That's forbidden in religion.fear GOD

  • I've been f****** wife's Aunty for 24 years she is 67 now keep ducking Aunty promise u will b great as she's getting older wants it more

  • I have sexual relations with my mother and her sister. Mum is my personal c u m -bucket. Sometimes we've had a threesome, with mum humping Aunt Janet with a strap-on and me ramming mum doggie-style. I've also humped my mother-in-law when we've been alone together. She has a hot puss, and gives good head too - better than her daughter does.

  • I do the both. Mil & aunt

  • Just keep F***** wife's aunty I have for 12 years

  • I'm having s** with my wife's mother and my my wife's Mother's aunt

  • Iove th

  • Keep s******* her aunt as long as u can

  • Take your wife's friend's offer and salvage whatever you can.
    Good luck to you and wife and may all your dreams come true

  • I've been having fantasies for my fiance's aunt. Just scared to tell her. Really want to fu...k her but scared she would expose me. Any advice to where I can start or approach?

  • My neice’s hubby and I have a connection. We don’t go there, but the l***. is real. Don’t do it Some things are better a fantasy

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