Wife cheating with coworker who is a widower

Wife coworker recently lost his wife due to Covid 19. After two weeks my wife who is too close to him visited him at his home just to comfort him and which she says led to s** due to over emotion with him unintentionally. She came back that day and was feeling awkward and disturbed. After much cajoling she opened up and confessed her sin. First I too felt too bad and angry. But she insisted that it was just an act of giving comfort to a sinking man. Thinking of my wife having s** with other man was of some kind of excitement my c*** was throbbing with an mass erection. Just to convince my wife that I am OK with her misconduct I told her that it has given me more excitement and showed my massive erection. She without another thought grabbed my C O C K and started sucking it too vigorously. We had a very good s** that night for two times. I asked her how he was and how hung he was. She told that he was good at s** but felt that I am better than him in size and sexual drive. Being happy I told my wife to be helpful sexually to her coworker but should be good enough to describe in detail each and every aspect of the s** they were having. She though doubtful agreed to my being open to such relation.

Apr 30, 2021

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  • My wife and i both 52 . we have great s** life and very open to eachother . recently i got a new co worker a young lad . i soon looked on him like a son . and brought him home for lunch at times . then one day we worked on real dusty job and had to shower after it .well i went into shock i never seen a man with such a huge c*** . i told my wife about it and laughing about it i could see her also excited thinking of him and his huge c*** . one friday night i went for a beer after work and later in evrning got wife to pick me and the lad up . we got back to our house and my wife started flirting with him about it . show her i said and he did . her eyes lit up wow .it is huge lol we laughed . touch it i said n she giggled as she touched it . wasnt long n he was hard n she had it in her mouth . i watched as she licked him and swallowed his huge c*** . he lay back drunk . as i start fingering her p**** . i pulled her panties to the side and slid my c*** inside her as she sucked him off . take him i said i changed places with him she sucked my c*** and he went behind her .her moans as his huge c*** went inside her . f****** her hard . wow

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