Stolen Cheer Uniform

I was at school my freshman year and I decided to become waterboy/manager at football. So it was the first varsity game I went to and I saw the cheerleaders and tried to not look their direction. A few minutes later one of them started to do their tumble routine (multiple backflips). I saw something shiny in my peripheral vision and it was the cheerleaders gold metallic spanks showing every time she hit a backflip! I got a b**** immediately! I never been that hard in a while so I kept looking and turned away later. When I went home I jerked off in a hands free way (I almost jizzed without touching my d***) As more varsity games passed by, I decided to grow some b**** and go into one of the cheerleaders bags at lunchtime and steal their gold metallic spanks. I went in the bathroom and put them on and wore them under my shorts throughout the day! After vigorous fap sessions I would discard it. My sophomore year came around and this time I was a football player on varsity and not manager. The cheerleaders got new uniforms (the mascot was eagles so it was navy blue, white, and Vegas gold) so this time I took a cheer bag into the bathroom and the I nabbed the whole uniform, when I got home it was the best jerking session I had yet, I think I even nutted inside the metallic spanks too at one point. I even took pictures of my self in the uniform and even a few up skirt shots. Later when the basketball season rolled around after a game, a cheerleader left hear warmup pants on the bleachers and while everyone was gone, I got them and when I put em on that night, I got hard immediately. I eventually returned everything except the spanks that I nutted in, I had to discard that but anyways it was quite an experience.

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  • One of these days you’re gonna get kicked in the nuts, mark my words.

  • One of these days I will kick you in nuts leave my daughter alone Gareth Hyde how many times you had school girls in your home in school st llanbradach south Wales

  • I should kick you in the nuts

  • Lol how 😂

  • Oh how many girls undies and socks have i jrked over? Lots! Girl.uniforms are so hot.for wear. Anyone fancy chat? fg012570@ gmail cm

  • When I was 15 I was dared to wear a cheer uniform for a day. I'm a guy btw. Later that was fuel for plenty of fapping.

  • Don't you just wish you'd been a girl.

    then in a moment of clarity you realise that if you had been a girl you probably would have been fat, pimply, no friends, anti social.

    And then you are thankful you are the boy version of that because you have a p**** to pull and no period pain.

  • Lol no because I’m skinny and have no pimples and told by older women that I am handsome a lot

  • L****

  • Ahhhh

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