I went to a wedding on the weekend I run into some people that I haven't seen for a few years and their daughter was there also. I finally spoke to her before we started to have a couple of drinks. We were just having a couPle of dances when the wine started to power our brains well she was rubbing herself against me and my C,ck started to raise to the relentless rubbing. I leaned into her and said I want to take you to bed which she just smiled and said ok. She is 25 and I'm 54 but she didn't mind. What a night I rode her 3 times during the night then in the morning before she had to go. Sweetest f,,k I have ever had I want some more but I think I'm too old for. She does have a boyfriend as well but he wasn't there.

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  • I am F and 19 and for the past 3 months I have been going over to this guys house and having a ball and he's 61. The older guys I have had acquaintances with have been oh so appreciative of me and show so much more interest in me than guys my age do. When it comes to making LOVE well older guys really know how to please a woman. I feel the younger generation all they want to do is drink beer and watch foot ball. F****** that.

  • Try 2 get her maa

  • F*** her each chance u get

  • You are not to old meet her again f*** her senceless to h*** with her bf

  • Awesome man! I have had a similar situation meeting an 18 year old hot petite dark haired, brown eyed half white. half american indian girl at the mall one time. We ended up talking to each other for two hours, started talking about s**, both talking dirty to each other, I ended up givingher a ride home which we ended up at a hotel f****** each other's brains out for about 5 hours. I have never had such an eye opening sexual escapade like this one! She was young, shaved, tightest p****, every position, ate her p**** for hiurs made each other cumm over and over and over for hours...simply amazing.

  • But tell her to marry somone her own age.

  • Tell her you will be her support in times of need. Be there for her. F*** her when you want.

  • To h*** with her times of need just f*** her brains out

  • You don't need (or want!!) to be her one-and-only. You just want (and need!!) to be her once-in-a-while. Tell her you don't care about her boyfriend but that you LOVE spending time with her, no matter what you do. Just make yourself a part of her life, and make yourself available to her whenever you can. Buy her things, send her flowers (only at work, and only anonymously), remember her birthday, and when she meets you for dinner, always bring a gift for her. Make her feel special. Make her want to be around you.

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