I no longer have any expectations for anything in life. I finally feel liberated, because of this :)

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  • This Craig

  • Wow but how

  • I let my life take it course, each day at a time. I don't focus on the past and the future, I just live each moment as it comes. I learnt a long time ago, that time still ticks on, regardless of whatever a person does and thinks. So, I just live a day at time and let my life unfold, each moment :)

  • Good move! My thoughts, exactly........

  • Take your clothes off. Very liberating. Kind of scary and kind of fun the first time someone comes to the door.

  • I've done that already lol you're right, it's liberating!

  • This is temporary believe me

  • I don't believe, because this how I've lived my life for ten years and thus far, I've been extremely happy. I enjoy spreading my happiness wherever I can, that's what led me to this website and many others. If I can make anyone feel an ounce of my happiness and liberation, then I feel happy.

  • Do, not "Don't"

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