Finally got what she wanted.

At 40 years old with 3 children I never would have thought I would have made a decision which would change my life, But I did.
23 years ago I had a...Well...I am not sure what to call it but I'll try to explain.
(Names have been left out to protect the guilty)
My older cousin was visiting us at my grandma's lake house which was little more than a run down old cabin but it was the central point for the entire family come summer time being lake front and had pretty much a perfect beach out front. My cousin who is 5 years older than I had brought a friend along and we all spent the entire long weekend pretty much tanning and having a few drinks, Even though I was underage it wasn't a big deal if I didn't get carried away.
All of my family headed home after the weekend but being summer holidays I didn't have anything to do except work which didn't start again until the Wednesday so Monday night we had a few more drinks between the three of us than we would have in front of the parents, My cousins friend and I ended up sitting up after my cousin passed out and she came onto me telling me I was the most beautiful girl ever, Yada, Yada, Yada most of which I don't remember anymore but basically tried to hook up with me informing me that her and my cousin had done it many times before.
I was 17 and she was 22 and they were college room mates but as we sat on the couch and she rubbed my leg and flirted with me all I could think of was that my cousin was a lesbian until she informed me that they hooked up with guys but sometimes it was just nice to hook up with a girl so...Now all I could think of was that my cousin was bi which at that age was a bit of a shock to my system and all the info she was giving me actually worked against her end goal. Anyway I let her kiss me a couple times and put her hand up my shirt which was when I panicked and stopped her telling her it was too much and I couldn't.
Fast forward 23 years and my husband and I own a house on the lake and during the July long weekend we had a large family gathering, Most of the family was staying at the motel a block away but I had offered my cousins family the mother in law suite above the garage, During the initial planning she had mentioned that her friend had planned to come visit her and without a second though about that night 23 years ago I told her to bring her friend, When they walked up to the door I instantly recognized her since she looks almost exactly the same, I got jittery and my hands got sweaty, She walked right up and hugged me saying "Oh my god, I haven't seen you in ages".
We had a great weekend and on the last night we again ended up having a few more drinks than planned, My cousin, Her friend, My husband and I were the last ones up and sitting lake side at the picnic table laughing and talking when my cousin started talking about the old days and boyfriends and college exploits and stuff like that, We were all pretty drunk and my husband knows most of my history so it wasn't a big deal to talk about my history but he was a bit shocked at some of the stuff my cousin had done. She comes across as a shy, quiet girl but she has a wild streak and as she put it she used to let the freak out more than she does now.
My husband was the one who mentioned my one nighter with a friend of mine (Female) and instantly my cousins friend looked at me, My cousin looked at me and laughed slapping my hand saying "Dirty girl, You never told me that before", My cousin who had already admitted to being with girls only a couple times she would admit to and so had her friend but then she admitted to having been with her friend and her boyfriend at the time then she asked my husband if he had ever been with two girls, He hadn't and said "Nah...Had the chance one time but got walked in on before it happened" looking at me, I just shrugged and everyone giggled. I went inside and mixed a few more drinks but when I brought them out my cousin had left, Her friend and my husband were sitting at the table and as I sat down my husband said "So..." I said "So...?" and he said "You never told me you too knew each other before" and she chimed in saying "I...May have told him about me trying to hook up with you". Damnit, The one thing I had neglected to tell him about, I don't even know why I have never told him I just never felt comfortable with that one going public. We giggled and joked about how shy I was and she said "Oh man, That night I couldn't resist you, Sorry but I had to try".
My husband got up and went to pee which let her slide in beside me, I knew she was divorced and actively seeking companionship from our previous conversations but she leaned in and whispered "Wanna have a threesome?", I choked on my drink and and looked at her whispering "What?", She said "Me, You and your husband", I shook my head NO but she started talking about fulfilling a fantasy for him and how he would be blown away by my wildness and so on and so on. I was waiting for my husband to come back but he was taking a long time and she started touching my leg, Telling me how I was still just as beautiful as the last time she had seen me and...Yeah it was kind of flattering but mostly I was just nervous, She had slid over closer to me and was holding my hand, Rubbing my thigh and somehow we ended up kissing. All of a sudden I was 17 again and scared, nervous, H**** and drunk...A bad combination, We were kissing and she had her hand up my shirt again but this time I didn't stop her and just then I heard my husband clear his throat, I jumped and stared at him, He looked at us and sat across from us saying "Don't stop on my account" and as I turned my head to look at her she kissed me again.
I was totally freaking out and said "Not here" grabbing her hand and we all pretty much raced to the bedroom closing the door and locking it, I am not going to go into details but me and her started, He joined in, We all did what we did, He finished with her, With me and a THIRD time watching me and her. The whole thing was Crazy, Stupid, Hot, Wild and pretty much any other descriptive word you want to throw in, She eventually snuck out and we went one more time just the two of us (first time I have ever gotten off twice in one night).
The next morning I was so embarrassed I couldn't even look my husband in the eyes but he snuggled up behind me and said all the right things which somehow made me feel better, That's a first for him to say the right thing but he did. It took me a long time to muster up the nerve to go downstairs to the kitchen and when I did my cousin said "Hey...I came back last night and everyone was gone, What happened?", My heart stopped but her friend spoke up and said "Came back...where did you go? We thought you went to bed so we did too" She blushed a bit and giggled saying "Mmm, I may have snuck back to the room for...Ya know" and everyone laughed taking the attention off us.
We had a nice morning and my cousins friend caught me alone in the kitchen, She said "just tell me now if this was a one time thing or if there is a possibility for more", I said I can't, I am sorry but I just can't right now, My head is reeling", She said "Ok, I get that' then she leaned in and we kissed on the lips and she whispered in my ear "Just know that I am willing" and with that she kissed me again, Cupped my b*** through my shirt since I hadn't put on a bra yet and then walked away.
We text...Nothing heavy just a friendly "How are you...Good morning...What's new" that kind of stuff, She promised never to tell anyone what happened and she has told me there is no pressure to do anything ever again and my husband says he is just happy that it did happen and doesn't put any pressure on me to do anything else but...Maybe I want to???

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