I went out with a friend's boyfriend behind her back...

I'm a 16 year old girl. Several months ago, I went out with a friend's boyfriend behind her back. I know I shouldn't have. He told me he was planning to break up with her (can't believe I fell for that).

When she found out about it, she and two of her friends cornered me in a bathroom at school and she attacked me. I fought back in self-defense and she got the worst of it. I actually knocked one of her teeth loose, but I swear I didn't mean to. I'd never been in a fight before and was just swinging wildly, not really aiming for anything in particular. The three of them lied to the administration and said I started the fight. The principal called the cops and I was arrested.

In court, I was found guilty because all three of them stuck to their story and said I started everything. I don't have any priors, but the judge sentenced me to spend a month in juvie. Since I have a job, he's given me the weekend to resign and put "my affairs in order." On Monday, I have to turn myself in to the juvenile detention center to begin serving my sentence. So instead of starting the new school year, I'm gonna be sitting in jail.

Look, i own the fact that I wouldn't be in this situation to begin with if I hadn't been such a sh*tty friend. I guess I kinda deserve all this. I've definitely learned a lesson for sure. I'm gonna try and handle my time in juvie as best I can. And I'm definitely gonna be a better person from now on.

Aug 11, 2018

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  • Let your ex-friends know how much you're going to learn how to fight - REALLY fight, in juvie.
    Tell them you're REALLY looking forward to coming out. You'll be counting the days, 'cos now you've got a record, you're not exactly gonna blot your copybook. You've got nothing to lose... But they have.

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