Scared of Death

I am extremely scared of death. I am open to religion but I currently have no beliefs. The thought of it being all dark for eternity as centuries and centuries pass and never waking up again frightens me so much. Sometimes I feel like I am the only ones who feels like this. I am trying to find ways to contact dead spirits, anything to make me believe that there is SOMETHING after death. I just can't bear the thought that one day the planet will be destroyed and everything will be black and I will still never wake up again.

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  • Too bad people don't turn this fear into a way to make life truly count.

    If this really is it and we've only got ~70 years on this rock, why waste it obsessing over stupid s*** like shoes and celebrities and "did you hear what SHE said" and petty bullshit like that?!

  • I have the same thoughts, I’m not afraid of it, but I loathe the thought if no longer existing as who I am living this life as we all do. It’s hard to fathom the thought of your children or loved ones with the same fate. However we must live our lives, I do all I can to live in the now. Not thinking of the end point of who I am.
    There’s no need to dwell on things we can change or control.
    I pray there is a better place where we may live eternity with the ppl / souls we love.
    Crazy how we have Devine feeling of love for family & friends. Such a strobe emotion and pain that comes with the loss of these ppl.
    That being said, no more than it’s imaginable that there is life after death, how can we imagine life without love and caring that thru eternity .
    Thanks for listening to my ramble of such a serious topic.

    A guy in Myrtle Beach

  • Life is one journey and death is the next. Focus on living a life worth remembering and full of vitality. We all have an expiration date, so what's the point in worrying about the inevitable?

    Don't worry about things you can't change, concern yourself with the here and now. Time stops for no one, regardless of what you're doing and thinking.

    Don't waste another second. Good luck :)

  • I also have this fear. I'm 30 years old and I've often had huge anxiety attacks and woken up in the night sweating over the fact i will eventually die and be nothing and there is nothing i can do to stop it. I've suffered this since i was a very young teen.
    I found that just wasting my life sat around waiting for death makes it 100 times worse. Doing something. Anything can make it better. It takes your mind off of it and i think i will better as an old man with nice memories than an old man with regrets knowing i just wasted my life waiting for death.
    Honestly. Get help. Professional help. It really does make you feel better

  • You have taken all the parts of the Final Destination seriously

  • Can you remember how you felt before you were born ? Billions of years passed. That's exactly how it will be when you die. You need to focus on life and find a purpose.

  • Nothing to be scared about, when you are dead, you don't even realise it. Maybe you will be born as something else, an Alien, or another human in the distant future. If Buddhism is right, then you don't need to worry about dying, cause you'll just become something again. And eternity will feel like a single second.

  • Think of death like the time before you were born. You have no recollection of what was going on before you were born and that's the way death is. We all have to die and no one wants to do it but you have to have courage because death is going to happen and dying is no fun.

  • I was going to say the same thing. Spot on

  • I once had surgery on my appendix since it got really infected and burst, and I went under general anaesthesia for it. If you didn't know, when you are under anaesthesia like that in surgery, you are essentially brain-dead and your body is being kept alive by machines. I have no memories of that experience, not even blackness, just no memories between going under and waking back up. I can tell you honestly, if that's what being dead is like, it really isn't that much to worry about. I mean death is inevitable, and if it's any consolation, you won't be worried or feel pain or anything because you'll be dead. If you're frightened of not existing, then look at it like this: are you frightened of the 1800s? Probably not. You didn't exist then, so why aren't you afraid of them? The same logic can be applied to when you die. There's no point in being afraid of not existing because just not existing is only scary because of the way that you personally look at it when there is no difference between not existing in the 1800s and not existing a hundred years from now.

    Even if there is a heaven or afterlife, so far there has been no scientifically proven evidence for one. And hey, won't finding out he exciting? I know it is for me! Right at the end of your life, you can have the greatest adventure you'll ever have, and find out if there is an afterlife, or just stop existing, and that's just fine also.

  • ^ This. Right there with you, friend.

  • You might religious faith very comforting.

  • Oh Jesus Christ, No ! 😨

  • Death is something which is inevitable but the soul never ever dies it get transferred from one form to another. As far as concenpt of life after death is concerned only those need to fear who have done terrible things in their life. Different religions have different concept about it. Pray and pray alot this will remove all the fear of death but not the death. Don't held yourself responsible for the deeds that you are making no matter how good or bad, you will achieve the state of liberation while living only.

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