I got busted for DUI and now I'm going to juvie.

Months back, I went to this party a friend of mine was throwing. I didn’t plan on drinking that night, but I ended up doing so. I thought I was okay to drive by the time the party was winding down. Wrong. I got pulled over by a cop and arrested.

Fast forward to the present. I was in court today to learn my fate. I don’t have any priors, so I thought I would just get probation w/ community service or something. Again, wrong. The judge sentenced me to 30 days in juvie.

The only leniency I was shown is the fact that I don't have to report until Friday evening. This was to give me time to resign properly from my after-school job, among other things.

Look, I own the fact that what I did was stupid and criminal and that I deserve this. I really did s**** myself good. My boyfriend broke up with me once his parents learned about my arrest. I lost my license, and now my job and my freedom. I also wasn't allowed to try out for volleyball again this year. And my parents are angry and disappointed beyond belief. Not to mention I won't graduate on time because of this.

I hope anyone reading this will learn from my mistake and just call a cab. Trust me, drinking and driving isn’t worth it.

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  • You there hun xxxx

  • I think US DUI laws have more to do with Christian disapproval of alcohol and people enjoying themselves rather than the risk the drunk driver poses to the lives of others.

  • Idiot

  • There is a county in my state that is way strict. You get locked up until your court appearance and if found guilty it's straight to the lock up for 180 days no if's and or butts.

  • Wow, that is a seriously harsh punishment for this. Maybe due to drinking under age too. Surprised that the person throwing the party wasn't held responsible as well.

  • Well I don’t feel bad for you, dui are serious and a big deal you can only learn from your mistakes

  • So sad. Good luck. I actually disagree with jail unless it's to lock up really bad people who have done violent crime and likely to do it again.

    People like you should be should be whipped and get on with life.

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