Not Gay, but it was the BEST

Okay I worked up the courage to actually type this out

Just before graduation hit me and my small group of friends decided to go out and celebrate. Just the four of us guys, well, two actually. My bestest friend was more of a tomboy and it was always that way. And like, I always had this crush on her but never could work up the nerve. Since this was maybe gonna be our last time together we decided to treat ourselves and snuck some booze, something we never really had much of before. After downing some bottles and getting really deep in our talks, we just started flirting. Then something daring as we all bjs and things just rolled off from there. H*** we didn't even have rubbers but the one thing she was adamant about was no butt stuff. Which never crossed my mind, but I also didn't think we weren't really gonna share, but well, we did that and then some. It was a first for many of us, all this. But at one instance while she was on top of me I was told something before suddenly one of my other friends tried to begin inserting himself while I was already in there. Just idk it was such a major turn on for us all and the feel of us both inside her was unlike anything I've ever had. I swear I'm not gay, I wouldn't even want to touch another guy's d*** but something about sharing a p****, the feel of it all is just next level even to this day. So yeah, we went at that for a while before we finally reached our breaking point. If it wasn't for the weekend idk how any of us were gonna walk back into school.

Apr 26, 2020

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