My best friend and I were reflecting the other day, We are both 40, Married, Kids etc. She had mentioned to her husband a few years back about some of the stuff we did in our younger years and had never told me about his reaction but it got us started on a conversation.
Me and her have been best friends since kindergarten, Our moms met through school and became friends which put us playing together a lot as kids, Backyard play days in our pool, camping trips, Road trips, We did a lot together and it only made sense as we matured we would have other certain experiences together, We have had our trials and tribulations but have always come back to each other.
She had been having a discussion with her husband about s** ed that was being taught to our daughters who are the same age and do hang out a bit but are not as close as me and her but when he asked her who taught her about stuff she told him it was more of an experience based education than anything they taught us in school and he asked what she meant which got us talking about stuff. When we were younger there really wasn't a lot of educational material on s** or on "Girl stuff" as my husband puts it, He knows EVERYTHING and he is not sure about some of it but he loves me and understands that every experience in life made me who I am.
When I was about 14 me and my best friend walked in on her older sister masturbating which sparked a whole bunch of questions since up to that point we had been more interested in toys and dolls and crushes on boys but really had no idea where a crush would end up or anything and looking back I feel our moms kept us quite sheltered to be honest but her sister was 19 at the time and was wonderful, She sat us down and discussed what we had walked in on and was quite surprised that we had not really experienced that urge yet. Of course after telling us all about what she was doing and what it was all about we giggled and reluctantly asked the odd question, I remember her saying that she was rubbing her c*** and we both looked at each other absolutely lost.
That evening was the first time I had ever been sat down and had some really important things about my body explained to me and after asking if we had anymore questions she left the room, I don't even think the door was closed and we had our pants off "checking things out". I distinctly remember that My best friend had "Found hers" right away and the reaction she got from it actually made me more frustrated than anything, To this day I don't know why I had trouble "Finding mine" but it took a bit of work and finally she looked over and said "No, Higher...Higher...Higher" and I hit the mark.
My eyes got huge and I looked at her and said "WHAO!!!...I gotta go" and was out the door and had my first experience that I felt I should have a lock on my door for.
A couple weeks later after telling each other we had experience an o***** she admitted that she had not and I admitted that I had only been able to once, Again we called in the services of her sister who sat down, Listened to our concerns then said "Wait here", She disappeared and then came back and said "Let's go". She took us to a place that had us both blushing like school girls...Oh wait...We were, She told us years later that she had gone to her mom and told her she needed money and when her mom asked why she told her "To buy a d****" which made her mom almost have a heart attack but she handed her $100.
She walked us through the whole process of choosing one that was right which back then the selection was not like it is now but we both picked out our "weapon of choice" and headed home with our little pink bags. When we got to her house I headed home and she called me 20 minutes later she was being elusive but finally asked if I had used mine yet and I said I couldn't because my parents were home and it was too loud, She said the same and I told her "Well, My parents are leaving in 15 minutes", 20 minutes later I was buck naked and getting ready when my doorbell rang, I put on my housecoat and answered the door, She was standing there with her face beet red and asked if I had already done it. I told her I was just getting ready and we had an awkward moment before I asked if she wanted to come in.
As we sat on my bed inspecting our "Toys" I finally slid mine under my housecoat and started, That was the start of us working as a team, She whipped off her pants and we were soon naked and I got off in minutes and she took a bit longer which seemed to be the norm over the years, We started having regular sleepovers whenever possible and I moved into the basement bedroom, We didn't really think it was that strange to be under the covers masturbating together and it turned out that we really helped each other learn about our bodies and the fact that everyone is different and everyone likes different stuff and what we like, Don't like, What works and what doesn't.
We did have a short period of time where we were maybe more than friends which ended up causing some tension and a short "break up" until she came to me and we sat down laying out some ground rules. We had been JUST masturbating together for about 6 months when one night she kissed me in the middle of it and I kissed her back which carried on and got carried away to where she did oral on me, We began a "Relationship" which only lasted 2 months before I told her I didn't want THAT and she got angry, We stopped talking for a week and eventually had "The talk" about ground rules. From that point on I feel we really took our friendship to another level and I truly believe we are stronger because of it, We decided no more "defining" things, It was what it was and not a "Relationship" just friends helping friends. We had other friends but kept our sleepovers a secret until we were almost 16 then invited another friend over and brought up masturbating, Showed her our toys and invited her to "Join" us, She did and afterward was so embarrassed that she swore us to secrecy and really didn't talk to either of us again, She started hanging out with a different group and never came back.
We would m********* together and if there was some kissing that was fine, That progressed into a little nipple play which always finished her off and eventually went back to full on stuff but neither of us ever considered ourselves "L****'s" as we called it back then but we did get caught by my mom one time which sparked the most awkward conversation ever, She walked in on her naked on her back masturbating, Me on my hands and knees masturbating while sucking her nipples so I can totally see why she would have thought what she thought but it was not like that at all.
I hooked up with my first guy on my 17th birthday, It was all I had dreamed of (Sarcasm), It was not awful, Just the two of us alone in my basement after my friends had gone home, We were dating for a couple weeks and although he barley got it out of his pants before finishing in my hands he managed to recover quickly and lasted long enough to get it in for a bit, It took me a while to realize that it was not abnormal to not get off from that and over the years have found EXACTLY what works, After I had my first time with a guy our sleepovers started to taper off and after she started dating a guy it was more of a rarity but we would still once in a while just look at each other if we were alone and with out words just go for it.
By the time we went to college it really wasn't a thing anymore, We went to different colleges, She dated a girl for a while and had a full on lesbian relationship for about a year before deciding she was bi, Which again lasted about a year going both ways and when she met her husband she left all of that behind, I on the other hand had one threesome in college with my room mate and her boyfriend and one night with another college friend, I left school, Went to work and met my husband and never looked back either.
We sat and talked for hours and I learned a few things I didn't know, She did also as we reminisced, Looking back I know it's not the norm but as I said I love who I am because of every experience I had and if it had been done different I might be someone different.

Aug 14, 2018

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