Stomach growling fetish. Oops

Uh, yep. I actually find it nice listening to my stomach make noise. It's actually pretty calming to me for some reason. I like to try to record my stomach sometimes whenever I get hungry or I make it growl. Also, the little feeling that your insides are vibrating accompanied with the noises is also slightly entertaining to me >u>
I don't care if I really talk to anyone about this, either. Just list anything I might find you at.

(^ If you do want to talk, just a few notes: I am a male so to the 99.9% of others wanting to talk to a female on this fetish, sorry to disappoint.)
(Also note that I'm.. actually very young. Not too young like I'm 12 or under, but I'm not 18 or up either. Not that I won't speak to anyone older than 17, but I'll be less comfortable about it. If I don't reveal my age in this post it's because usually I hide info like that from strangers, sorry.)

Aug 19, 2018

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  • If you want we can talk. I love the hunger growls so much. It’s comforting aswell o-o
    Instagram: AderictOfficial

  • Du u like to sit on girls' stomachs 2?

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