Stomach Hungry

I don't know why but i just love to hear boys stomaches hungry, of course no one knows about it cause i fell so embarrassed when someone mentions to be hungry or to have a stomach growl to me, like i really don't know what to say. But anyways, I think is extremely hot to see a hungry boy complaing about it and when i hear a stomach growl, oh my.... Have you ever thought about it? like a stomach growl is something so personal, because for exemple if you hadn't had heard someones stomach growl you would never know he is hungry and his stomach is completly empty, I think that's why i like so much hungry noises because is something they can't hide.
Afterall of that i also like to see boys stuffed for eating so much after being hungry and having stomach aches (and of course i have never seen it in person, just in youtube vids).
I think is that, does anyone understands me? anyone likes that too?



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  • I'm a 21 year old female with a belly noise fetish and I just want someone friends with the same fetish who aren't creepy. email me at : .

  • I'm a guy and I feel the exact same way! I like hearing stomach growling from other guys lol. I don't know why it just feels weird for me to hear it coming from girls. if you want to chat

  • I'm a guy (18) and would love to swap some recordings or videos if you want.
    My fetish (if you'll call it that) is literally the exact same way except I prefer hearing girl's stomachs. Well, If you're looking for someone to swap videos/recordings with, I'll share. Just hit me up.

    Hunger growls are my favorite, but I've always been to embarrassed to admit that, and admit this in general

    You can email me

    Never told another soul about this, so I'm glad to finally confess to someone at least >w<

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