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I am a 40 year old woman who has been married for almost 20 years, My husband and I have been together since I was young, I didn't have a lot of experience before we were together and we have never done anything super wild but for the last few months we have been into something that seems to get us both going.
Approximately a year ago I hurt my back working out, Just twisted or something the wrong way or whatever and after a few months decided to go for a massage, The massage was exactly what I needed and instantly I could tell it was working. I did however, After a few trips to the masseur start to feel that he was possibly getting a bit more touchy than necessary, I did get full massages when I went and would strip down to just my panties. He would work my sides, and my inner thighs maybe a bit longer than necessary and I always kept a towel over my butt when on my stomach and always kept one over my waist and b**** when on my back but I felt he was maybe taking a peek under my towel sometimes or maybe letting his fingers brush a little when doing my inner thighs but he is AMAZING at what he does.
He is so good I would literally fall asleep as he worked me over and he did even have to wake me a couple times after but usually when he stopped I would wake up, I would apologize and he would just chuckle and say "Well, At least I know I did a good job", One afternoon my husband happened to be home when I got back, The kids were all in school and I was feeling a bit easily excited when I got home which I had actually noticed happening after my massages but being he was home I pretty much jumped him.
Afterward as we lay in bed after our mid day romp he looked at me and said "Well, What was that?", I laughed and shrugged it off but that evening he asked me about it again, I admitted that I was finding myself more easily aroused after my massages and he asked if it was more my masseur or the actual massage itself, I scoffed and told him it was probably just the increased blood flow, Being more relaxed etc. but when he started asking about my masseur I realized that maybe I was a bit into the little things that were maybe a bit more than just a massage.
I started paying closer attention when I would go for a massage and I am pretty sure that after having my inner thighs worked there was a definite bulge visible in his groin region, One afternoon I had gotten a call from the spa I go to and I had been on a casual waiting list and had basically just said if something opened up I would take the appointment, They called and said my masseur had a cancellation and wanted to see if I wanted to take the appointment, I agreed and told my husband, He looked at me kind of weird and we had been just kind of jokingly playing around with the whole masseur, Excitement thing, I looked at him and said "What?", He looked at me, Blushed and said "Don't wear panties".
I was shocked and my eyes must have looked like they were going to pop out of my head as I said "What?", He shrugged and said "Just tell him you were already out and didn't have any on", I looked at my husband and thought for a second, Whipped off my shorts and peeled off my panties, I walked up to him, Stuffed them in his pocket and whispered in his ear "Wait for me" and walked out the door, I was so nervous when I got there, I was sitting in the waiting room and actually contemplated leaving but then he walked in and said "Hi, Come on in", I was nervous and shaking and my palms were sweaty, He was facing away from me and prepping everything as I stepped behind the curtain. There is a curtain that separates the actual massage table from the rest of the room and he just waits for a few minutes then asks if you are ready.
I got undressed and wrapped a large towel around myself then cleared my throat and said "Um...I may have to reschedule", He said "Oh, sure, Is there a problem?", I laughed and said "Uh...Kind of...I just remembered...Uh...I am not wearing any panties, Sorry, I was out running around when they called and didn't even think of it", He said "Oh, Well, that's no problem, You'll be covered anyway", I stepped out from behind the curtain in just my towel and said "Are you sure?", He turned and looked at me saying "Oh, Yeah...It's fine, I am sure it happens but like I said, You'll be covered the whole time", I said "ok" and he said "just let me know when you are ready", I laid down and covered my butt then told him I was ready.
He massaged me as usual and I totally peeked at his crotch and FOR SURE there was a bulge, When I rolled onto my back I had my b*** towel as usual and I got positioned as he turned to face the other way getting some more oil and so on as he always does out of courtesy but I looked down and quickly slipped my towel up a bit to where I felt he would be able to see under it more easily, He started on my shoulders and upper body as always and worked his way down, As he started on my thighs I spread my legs a bit and he paused, I glanced down and he was looking right at my crotch, I was trying to control my breathing but I was super excited, I peeked at him whenever possible and caught him looking a few times, When he moved to my feet he sat at the end of the table as always but this time I didn't close my legs like I normally do.
There was not the normal light conversation that there usually is just more silence and I could hear myself breathing, as he took extra time massaging my feet, When he was done I let him catch me taking a peek at his bulge and he turned away, I got dressed and thanked him then tipped him and left. I couldn't wait to get home and totally walked in jumping my husband, He asked me all about it and I could barely contain myself as I told him every detail, I rolled onto my stomach and he whispered "Close your eyes and picture yourself face down on the table" as he slid into me, He kept whispering dirty things to me about it and I came so hard my legs were weak after.
Since then we have been doing a little "Role playing" and have come up with a few different scenarios, Some of which have put me into convulsions and some of which have destroyed his stamina but it's just role playing. I never really thought too much about role playing but now I love it and definitely recommend it.


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  • Mmmm i wished he would have pulled out his c*** on you. Tell me what you would have done

  • There are many ways to role play and quite often extremely fun

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