Help wanted please

I am totally new to this and I am looking for help for Dominant friends .
To cut a long story short , my husband has not touched me sexually for 3 years , I then found an Ad he had posted looking to meet Dom/Dommes to become an oral slave to them , I was and still am livid with him .
When I questioned him about this , he broke down in tears and confessed that he had always wanted to be a slave but did not think I would be able to deal with it, {boy is he going to get a shock}.
I am now going to try and give him the life he wants , I must a but I I have in the past caught him out wearing panties and bra to which I went mad at him.
Since finding the Ad which I believe he wanted me to find I have decided that he will be now treated as a she and he wants to be a slave , then that's fine but I intend to make up for the lost 3 years sexually , he says he wants to be a slave , SO BE IT .
I have been reading up on the slave topic and I know there are different kinds of slaves ,I have decided that he will become a sissy slave or a feminised slave , I have read up on chastity and cuckholding and under the circumstances I think I want to take this route .
I am not at all experienced at being a Domme and looking for help and suggestions from Dominants on this site, I don't know what response I will get but hopefully maybe some wives have been through similar and can advise me .
I made a start yesterday , while he was at work and me being livid I cut up all male underwear and went and bought so granny knickers for him and put them in his drawer , he came home and was very quiet which suited me , he went for a shower and while he was in there I got the last of his male underwear and cut them up and left them on the bed , after his shower I saw the look of fear in his face at seeing the underwear cut up , I was expecting him to go mad at me but he just put his head down and he asked where we go from here , did I want him to leave? , {we are both RC and I don't believe in divorce } I told him that he is not getting away that lightly and that we will be staying together but things are massively going to change, he never replied , he put a pair of the knickers on and I got one of my old bras out and told him to put it on , he never said a word but just did it .
We had our evening meal and I don't know why but I just shouted at him to get in the kitchen and to get the pots washed and put away , again no word from him which surprised, it was like he was a broken man and you know I loved it .
I would not allow him to sleep in the bed but actually locked him in the spare room , I honestly thought he would kick off and bang on the door to be let out but he didn't , I made an excuse to open the door ,that being handing him a long nightdress and told him to get it on , not a word , he just put it on .
I am loving the power over him and dearly want to learn more about being a dominant mistress to him hence I am asking for help from others , not ready to meet others yet as I want to read up and learn things but it is my intention to cuckhold him and turn him into her and she then will get to suck men off , men of my touch , please do not pressurise me for meetings as I want to push him until he says something , if he doesn't I intend to push him further and further , so I would be interested in hearing from helpful people.
thank you for reading this

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  • Let's see if I got this right... Your say you don't believe in divorce because you're RC, but your fine with treating him like s**t and having s** with other men without his consent?

    Yeah, that's the Christian thing to do.

  • You say he was looking to be an oral slave but you are intending to make him into a sissy and get him to suck men off. How do you know he wants to be a sissy slave? What makes you think he wants to be an oral slave to men as well as women? It seems to me that he is into p**** worship - sniffing you, tasting you, licking you clean, drinking your squirt or even your pee. But that doesn't seem to be what you have planned for him. I think you should give him what he's after in the first instance, but then perhaps add some things that you would enjoy yourself, such as getting him to suck a guy's c*** or wear your bra and knickers.

  • Your post is interesting because my bf told me that he wants to be my slave and I was initially shocked, but once I got used to the idea I realised that it could be a good thing because I've always enjoyed getting my own way. I don't want it to be a lifestyle thing though, so we agreed that he would be my slave for just 2 or 3 hours a day during which time he would do whatever I want. This works well. I get him to do all of my chores - cleaning, ironing, washing my clothes and that kind of thing - but of course I also use him as my s** slave. This has certainly made us more adventurous, and we have found ourselves thinking of ways for him to pleasure me, or to prove his obedience to me, that push his limits. Some of these are things that he probably wouldn't do otherwise and I find this quite enjoyable. His list of his slave duties includes giving me full body massages, sucking my t***, licking my p****, licking my butt hole, kissing my feet and sucking my toes, and licking me clean after I've had a pee. I've even started getting him to drink my pee which he seems most keen to do. When he pleases me he gets his reward which is to m********* whilst sniffing my dirty panties. If he fails to please me he gets whipped on the bottom with a leather belt. I've not made him wear bras and panties but having read your post it's something I might try. The one thing I would really enjoy though is to get him to suck another guy's c***. That would be awesome so I'm working on ways to make it happen. So while being a slave may be the guy's idea it is certainly something that the woman can get a lot of pleasure and satisfaction from.

  • I think it would be a good idea if you and I sext in front of him and we could both humiliate him! If you are able to give a time then we can start!?

  • You need to take a dom lover to to strengthen you position and to fulfill you sexually!
    We could start sexting and take it from there?

  • I am a submissive husband. Here are my thoughts.

    First it has to work for both of you. Communication is the key. For my wife and I the communication is a bit like a wave. We make sure there are times when I and her can talk freely. Kind of out of the dominant and submissive space.

    The rest of the time, be in control. Do not ask the sub if he likes this or wants that. Just give commands. I get enjoyment or gratification out of making her happy / serving her. In fact almost the more effort I have to go to the more enjoyment I get. There is a sense of security or comfort in just being told what to do.

    Note tell him what to do not how to do it. Well that works for me anyway. I am not an idiot. I am submissive. I like to submit to another authority.

  • More from me the submissive husband.

    When it comes to s**, it is for me so nice that she initiates and controls. We'd been through years where I would try and get her aroused and just miss the mark and we'd both end up frustrated.

    Now I am not off the hook with effort. I have to do things like make sure the house is clean and the atmosphere is right for s**. The communication thing means that she is able to tell me what I need to do to make life easy for her and so that she can relax and make space to get turned on.

    For me it is really hot when she gets me to gently penetrate her but she does not let me c**. Tease and deny. If I want s** then I am thinking of her all the time. I am thinking what can I do to make her more excited. So from her side, there must come a time when she lets me c**. I guess the risk is that if I never c** then I might get angry or feel neglected. Again this is where communication comes into it. So usually I will get to c** about once every week and a half to two weeks. Sometimes more often and sometimes she will string it out. The tease tells me I am still loved and valued.

  • Number one suggestion. Tell him that you need a safe word that can be used in case you go too far. Push the limits until you come to that point. Also, watch videos on Tumblr for ideas. It's basically a free p*** site for various fetishes.

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