Black owned

I tried to post a "graphic" version of how I became essentially a "s** slave" to a black male. I guess it was a little "TOO" graphic for this site so I will tone it down. Lets just say he used a combination of intense rough s** and physical punishment to break me. I am now his and will do anything he wants, whenever he wants. We have an appointment next week at a tattoo shop to get a special tattoo above my p**** that identifies me as his property.
I was wondering if any other white females have have become "owned" or a "s** slave" to a very dom black male? I would actually like to hear from some females?

Oct 19

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  • Yeah right, like I believe that confession. Your probably just a fat, balding, 48 yr old virgin still living with your mother and hoping to talk to white women who will let you know what they do with their black dom. Get a life of your own loser.

  • What's the big deal? I am married to nice black male now and have a normal life now. But when I was a kid it was different. My mom was a drug addict and I grew up being white in a housing project that was at least 80% black. As a child I watched a revolving door of black guys with my mom. Some weren't quite so nice. It was common to see my mom get f***** right in front of me. My first time having s** (being penetrated) was at age 12 when one of my mom's boyfriends f***** me. It became a regular thing, and not just him. Word spread that I was a the pretty little white girl and "putting out". By age 14 I was pretty much community property for any black male that wanted s** young or old. It became so "routine" I stopped even trying to say no. I remember one day f****** an old black guy in an open stairwell while people watched just because he said I had to "pay the toll" to pass. I have never been with a white guy in my life and probably have had s** with over a hundred black guys.
    I turned out OK. I got a part time job at 16. Moved out as soon as I could. Dated and married a nice guy.

  • Being "owned" is essentially a personal choice. I don't criticize or judge any woman who chooses that path. We could get very academic about judging the needs, desires, or circumstances that lead to such a thing. However there is also a joy and level of fulfillment that come with it too. After all, you have to make the choice and agreement that your man will own you. You could walk away, go back to mom and dad or your regular husband or boyfriend. The giving of oneself to a dominant man (of any color) can fill a variety of emotional and personal needs. Don't forget, your "owner" has needs too and is being extremely honest about it.

    At the age of 41 I became "owned" after a failed marriage, a good paying successful career, and total lack of personal happiness. I gave myself to a black man who made things simple. Yes, the s** was incredible, but the obedience to his desires was even more so. I have only one job now, and that is too please him and love him. Yes, he uses me for incredible dominant s**. Yes, I have proudly served a few of his friends because it was important to him that I do so. Yes, I got sexual pleasure from all of it. Yes I am sexy in my assigned wardrobe of nylons and silky revealing garments. Yes, my shaved p**** is tattoo marked as his personal property. Yes I have never been so happy in my life. Hey this is just me and my happiness. Don't knock it if you haven't tried it. I am 49 now and still get daily empowerment and appreciation from my owner/master. He makes me better, takes away my cares and fears, and considers me the most beautiful woman on earth. He owns me. I have written this with his permission and guidance because I love and appreciate my life with him.

  • Ah own 350 black folks . 335 of 'em work on mah Plantation , pickin' cotton and such . The other 15 of 'em cook and clean mah Mansion .

  • For those who want to me in a master/slave relationship, YES it can go well and meet everyone's needs if you are mature and know what you are getting into. But when you are a dumb white girl excited about interracial s** you can get in over your head and make some major mistakes. I thought it was fun and games on the side, with my boyfriend as my "safety net" for the future. It didn't work out that way.
    I was a hot 23 year old white girl being sexually satisfied by my black lover and a couple of his friends. It was like being the star of a p*** movie every day then being able to go home to my boyfriend and family for a normal life. The constant sexual pleasure was so exciting.
    Then one day my black lover pushed the limit how much control he actually had over me. He made me give him my birth control pills. I watched him throw them in the trash as I was led into the bedroom. From that day on neither he or his friends would wear a condom.
    And yes shortly after I was a pregnant white girl with no clue who the father could be. During that time I did have s** with my boyfriend and we never used condoms because he knew I was on the pill. But we only had s** a couple of times a week. The odds were on the side of the three black men that were f****** me almost daily.
    I held off on telling my boyfriend and family about the pregnancy as long as I could. Eventually I had to let them know the baby could be black.
    Didn't go over well. Yes the baby came out black. No boyfriend after that...

  • I understand this so much. We always think life has to be so "normal" and judge those who don't live their life exactly the way we do. To be in the prime of femininity, fertility, and hormonal desire is overwhelming at times. A strong man enters the scene and gives us direction. It all becomes very simple when he and I just get down to basics. My job is to simply obey, honor, trust, and serve him. To realize that you are someone's woman, to realize you are cared for, desired, have a purpose, and keep things on a simple basis is so comforting. Don't let politics, "proper" behavior, or society dictate the intensity of love you can feel in such a relationship. Consider yourself lucky instead. Few women are feeling the joy you are feeling. There is freedom in getting back to basics and breaking a few norms. I have begged my master/owner for a tattoo marking me as his property. He is currently considering an owner tattoo on my always shaved p****. I love him, serve him, and cherish him forever. My life makes perfect sense. Good luck with yours!

  • What is it with black guys wanting white girls to get tattoo's to mark them as property? I actually knew a white girl stupid enough that she let her black boyfriend "BRAND" her ass cheek!

  • I would not say that this black stud owns me but I love his hard c*** plowing and ravishing my p****. With his encouragement I have fitted a c*** ring that now makes me h**** almost 24/7!!

  • I was owned by a black guy for a few months. He was a very strong dom and I’m very very submissive so he really did what he liked with me. It started as ordering me to remove my underwear in public and ordering me to wear really revealing clothes in public. Then he wanted me to show my p**** off to strangers. And then one evening he ordered me to come round to his flat with a really short shirt dress and no underwear and when I arrived there were loads of his black mates there so he ordered me to be their waitress. The shirt dress barely covered me at all and they all started touching me and then he ordered me to service them all. There were 8 guys and I sucked them all off - he then tied me up whilst they all screwed me and some of them came again on my face. I’d never felt so used and humiliated and so utterly turned on! They all loved it too! And plenty more besides that over those few months! Nikki

  • I am black owned. Actually I am one of three girls owned by my black master. My black master loves breeding white girls. I am 22 and currently pregnant with my third child. He has a total of five children and one of the other girls is pregnant at this time as well. All three of us girls live in the same house and raise the children. Our black master lives next door in his home.
    My master is definitely the father of my first child. I got pregnant very shortly after meeting him. He was the first and only black man I had been with at that point. That has definitely changed. My master shares us girls with his friends.
    Actually my second and third pregnancies were "planned". Both pregnancies were the result of "breeding parties". My master will arrange for a weekend long house party in which all of his black friends and even some black strangers have s** with me as much as they want all weekend. Both times I definitely got pregnant and any one of a dozen black males , including my master, could be the father.

  • I knew a girl in Charleston, West Virginia that was black owned. She was a Hooter girl name LeAnn. For several years she lived in a house with "FIVE" black men. She serviced all of them. When they would get tired of her it was her responsibility to recruit other girls to come to the house and have s** with the guys.

  • I spent a year being black owned. You wouldn't know it. I am a white suburban housewife with no kids and a lot of free time. My husband had no interest me and was f****** his secretary. I told him to enjoy it and I intended to go out and get mine. I few internet ads later I met a very attractive black guy with a HUGE c***! The s** was awesome! He was very dom and quickly had me agreeing to a master/slave relationship. Day one I agreed to it he took me to a tattoo shop and had a "queen of Spades" tattoo right in the tramp stamp spot on the small of my back. Just high enough that it shows when I wear a bikini.
    There was no physical punishment. My guy was into control, public s** and humiliation. I wasn't allowed to wear clothes in his presence. He would keep me at his house for days at a time, even make me go outside and do chores naked. He was a regular at a dive bar in a bad section of town. He would put a leash on me and walk me from the car into the bar naked. Sometimes he would make me get under the table and service him and even his friends as they had a drink. On a few occasions he made me service the bartender to get a free bar tab.
    The boldest thing he ever did was take me to a Walmart. he put the leash on me and walked me from the car into the store naked. After a quick parade in front of many shocked people he got me out of there before the police arrived.
    i spent a year with him until he got tired of me and traded me in for a new youngermodel.

  • Did you have lots of o****** while doing this. Did you enjoy the c**** you serviced, the c** in your mouth?

  • Yes on all counts. It was very exciting.

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