I've just realized how messed up people are and the importance of keeping people at arm's length. I'm glad to keep "us" a secret because some people just can't handle others' happiness. Our committment is a dream come true. I've decided to reveal "us" only after being official. Right now, even mentioning being in a relationship is out of question. We love each other too much to let anyone sabotage it.

I'm actually very happy internally. The reason why it is a mystery to others. Lol Thank you for reading. (:

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  • I wonder was it you or your mother or grandmother who made me a lonely hurt sad empty hole of an old women. i guess if it was you or your mother or grandmother I could easily hate you back for what they did to me. check your past and make sure you have a clear conscience about any thing wrong you did any soul before you marry because whoever you hurt badly is likely to get the better of you later. life is like that. god works in weird ways and so does the morning papers and rich people who control this world and they don't work for god , they work for a demonic god and themselves. there is a lot of hurt people in the world and once you need love from someone else your vulnerable. and they will hurt you over time bit by bit, day after day. til resentments build over the love. when you know you will never have to worry about being the last to know that he made a fool of you the whole time with lots of women everywhere behind your back like most men and women do today, its a lot easier to not need or look for love. a fool looks for love and loses his wallet while doing so.

  • What are you talking about?

  • Love is painful and you will find that out if he doesn't want to go public if he is going out with other women as well. yeh, you are right a lot of this world will spoil any happiness you have. most people don't like seeing happy in love young successful people because they can't get it and its not their fault. no one has ever shown them love or giving. don't hate on them just pray for them that they might find the love and money and things they need. if there was more to meet others needs no one would care about you at all. if anyone does care that you are happy or not. I find most people don't even think about you or me. They only think of themselves and how they can gain from you all the time. they are never thinking of your love or needs or happiness. that is why there are so many hurt people in the world. hurt people hurt people. sadly you probably have hurt heaps of people to get all you wanted and they are goinna pay you back some day by hurting you for sure. just wait til you get to about 44 if you think 33 is h***. then you have kids and that will be h*** once their about 5 or 10 there is no you anymore. by the time they are teens and f****** and doing crimes and blaming you for their wrongs in life and you find your parents aging and blaming you too then divorce. once you go public and marry too you will be certain to find all the perfect guys come out and women who would have suited both of you better and grass is greener on the other side you will find as you age and come out.

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