Ending a friendship

I had a friend in high school, we weren't besties or anything, but fairly close. After high school I moved away for college and he stayed in my hometown for college. Coming back home on break, I found I didn't really enjoy his company any more. We just didn't gel as much, we'd outgrown each other.
I'm finishing up College this year, and He contacts me every couple of months or so asking when I'll be home and wanting to hang out and such. I've hinted about as hard as I can. I can't string him along like this, and I don't want to hurt his feelings, but I'd like this friendship to end.
I should also say that he isn't friendless or anything, He's always been competent socially. I'm not, like, his only friend in the world or anything.

Obviously I'm being an asshole here. I'm aware of that. But I feel like I've gotta say something, right? Should I humor him? Should I have, like, a man to man talk with him?

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