Not my shining moment

I am a 19 year old female who has some confusing thoughts going on in my head, I don't know if I am into girls or if it is just a stage or why I keep thinking about it but I think I may have ruined a friendship over it.
Last weekend my friend and I shared a bed just totally innocent after the bar she stayed at my place, She is 18 and lives with her parents still and sometimes stays with me if we have been drinking, We went to bed and I was laying there thinking but as always my mind drifted to thinking about 7 million different things and I couldn't slow my brain down enough to fall asleep, I rolled over to face my friend and she had on a tank top.
She is what you might call "Stacked" or "Top heavy", Really she has the body most of us wish we had, 5'6" tall, 130 pounds, A small "Bubble Butt" and DD b******, She actually wants a reduction but her parents wont pay for it until she is sure they are done growing since her doctor told them there could be complications if they keep growing after but whatever.
Anyhoo, I am laying there looking at her chest and cleavage and so on, She is light skinned and very freckly which gives her beautiful cleavage and it is accentuated by the fact her b****** although huge are very firm, I can't lie, I am a bit into her and as I laid there I was having thoughts. I could see she had one "pokie" sticking out and her breast was pretty much trying to spill out of her top so I just...Helped it a bit, I had given her my biggest, Lowest cut tank top and I slipped her strap off her shoulder and she took a deep breath pulling her arm out of her top all on her own, I stopped and stared at her but she didn't open her eyes and I knew I should go sleep somewhere else because I wouldn't be able to not touch her but I couldn't force myself to leave the bed.
I couldn't stop my hand as I reached over and pulled her top down as her breast pretty much jumped right out and she just took a deep breath letting it out and laid there, I should have kept my hand to myself, I should have just looked but I couldn't and I reached over just putting my hand on her breast, It was the first time I had ever actually touched another girls breast. My heart was racing and I could feel my hands shaking, I was sweaty and scared and excited all at once, I slid down putting my face even with her b****** and I still don't know why but I licked my lips then licked her nipple.
As I said she has big, freckly b****** and her areolae are big, round and light pink with big, light Pink nipples, I licked it a couple times and her nipple was sticking straight out, I put my mouth on her nipple and sucked it, I was so lost in my own world and was on the verge of o***** squeezing my thighs together as I cupped her breast in my hand and sucked on her big nipple, She at first put her hand on the back of my head then suddenly she pulled away and said "Whao...Hey...What the f***...Don't do that", She squirmed away and I started crying right away, I don't know why I just did, She got up and said "Uh...I think I should go home" and got dressed as I continued to apologize.
I have been calling and texting her all week and she hasn't replied. Did I ruin my closest friendship?, Can this be repaired?, What do I do?


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  • I had something like that happen to me. I was drunk and passed out. I woke up to my buddy giving me a hummer. At 1st i thought i was dreaming it. But as i starting to come to. I began to realize my buddy is giving me a bj. Then I passed back out. We still stayed friends, but never talk about it. He took it to his grave and so will I.

  • Take a moment and consider what would this situation would be like if you were a guy and did the same thing. You broke the friend-zone barrier and sexually assaulted her. Fortunately, you are a female and the double-standards will work in your favour. With that said; you are definitely confused, but only about labels. Just admit to yourself that you are into women too. Maybe you're into trans as well; whatever the case just admit to yourself what you like sexually & romantically don't be ashamed of that. You really do have to stop molesting your friends though.

  • Don't rush her but stay in contact, I had a similar situation but slightly different, I messed around with a friend one night while drunk and the next day she was upset and avoided me for a few days but then she showed up at my house and we talked.
    Long story short we agreed it was just drunken stupidity and never talked about it again.

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