This is my confession

I'm a 30 year old virgin šŸ˜² that's right. Mostly due to religious upbringing. It's not like I've never thought about it, believe me I have but I want to be with someone I like, not some random guy I do that give a s*** about.
Apps haven't worked for me and I don't want a pen pal. I know it's a confession but where do people meet now a days? Guys in coed sports are taken and same with Meetups.

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  • I'm 19 and have had s** twice but find it really disgusting, so i think i'm asexual

  • Yo ugly ?

  • Being a virgin is totally your choice and you don't need to justify this to anyone. There are going to be other virgins out there older and younger than you. S** can be an important factor in a relationship, but it's not the only one. Sleeping with a lot of people does not make one a better lover. So, waiting to find someone that you have a connection with is important. You may want to be open and honest with the people you date and let them make the call if they want to never know. This is up to you and no one should judge you for it or you should feel pressure to change your beliefs. Some of the commenters below may not be into dating a virgin and that's won't be dating them. As for where you can meet people.. yea, it's tough out there. Social media is supposed to connect everyone, but it doesn't really do a good job. If you can't find a meetup that you want to join, start one yourself. Start a hiking meet up or organize a wine tasting or movie night etc.. Museums tend to have a social night - maybe grab some friends and never know who may meet. Based on that, say YES to every invitation you get even if you don't want to go. Tell all your friends that you are serious and looking for a LTR (or whatever you want). Don't get discouraged and be open. Get involved in church activities if that's your thing. And don't dismiss other dating sites like eharmony, match, jdate, christian singles, plentyoffish etc. I know a a few people who have met via eharmony, jdate and match. So it does work. But you do have to put yourself out there. You may have to date some frogs before you find your prince. Have patience, stay safe and have fun. Good luck!!

  • You ever hear of someone buying a car without first taking it for a test drive?
    There is a reason people take care for test drives, just like there is a reason people inspect a house before they buy it.
    There is also a reason people date before they get married, and that reason is so they know exactly what they are getting into before the commit to anything.
    I'm not saying your relationship should be based on s**, but it's good to know what you are getting and have something to compare to.
    Don't be a s***, but you should have s** with other people and with any future potential husband before you get married.

  • After my marriage break up I thought I would find it hard to find a new partner. In the end it was easier than I thought. I am a guy btw. Here is what I learned.

    Women prevent other women to find partners.
    Guys help other guys find partners.

    A bit more detail. Women will use words like looking after you. Caring that you meet the right guy. Concerned for your safety. It all sounds good but you end up being hidden away and not meeting anyone.

    Guys on the other hand are different. I ended up getting invited to all sorts of events parties, festivals, BBQs, you name it by other guys and they would say that there would be single women there. Some guys will do the one on one match making. Others will just let you know that a group are getting together.

    So you need to let guys know you are looking. Males at work, at church and wherever.


    Be prepared to deal with unwanted attention. In that the answer is not to ignore the guy. Some guys are sleezy. You just need to be really up front and truthful, look them in the eye and say that you are not feeling the connection. If they keep pestering tell them in front of their friends.

    Good luck

  • Go back on line and be brutally honest. Go to a Christian mingles site or something. Meet someone in the same situation as you. One thing to be mindful of is that if you do meet someone like you they suck in bed at first, and so will you. S** is a skill that needs to be developed, so just be prepared for that.

  • Guys are not turned on by old virgins. your a joke to them. a old boiler who can't get any and if you admit to them you are virgin at that age they will tell you your gay for sure and get lost. go get a fat.

  • Your first sentence their tells me your in for a hard sexual death and no s** life. your gay hon. men won't want a bar of you as a virgin they can't penetrate. your gonna get roasted in some dirty couples fires. just enjoy the fire and ride and ass burn and so on. but your seriously past it for marriage or kids now. left it too long to have kids and that is the problem today so many women leave it too late to want kids !

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