I Like To Wear Women's Clothes

I like to wear women's clothes with mens clothes. I guess they have a term for it now. Called " Gender Bending". I been doing this close to 40 years or more. I never had the need to be female or look female. I jeans, leggings, tops, skirts and whatever else. I do wear mens shoes all the time. Most times I wear a beard. I just like the look of mixed genders of clothing on me. Women do it everyday. So why can't I? I did find out if your a man that wears a hard to size pants. Go to the second hand clothing store. Go to the womens section. I bet you will a ton of pants there and most of the time dirt freaking cheap to. H*** in all the years. I think only 2 people said a word to me about it. All they said are you wearing girls pants. Yeah i said got a problem with that. Nope and went on their way.

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  • I like to wear both sexes of clothes. I don't care, I wear what I like. I even wear ladies perfume. Like right now I have on womens jeans, womens polka dot purple socks, Mens tee shirt, mens worn out sneakers and top it with pink and black womens panties. Who knows what it would be for tomorrow. It could be all mens or womens. I been doing this since they sold black and white TV sets.

  • Wear plain cotton girls panties and knee socks and pleated skirt and place a mirror opposite. That really gets me turned on. My ex gf used to love me doing this. She used to get her lil sisters used ones and make me sniff and lick them then wear them. She liked me to describe what i fantasised. Stuff like let another guy have her sisters barbie panties on condition he talks about her....fg012570@gmail.c m

  • I'm a guy. I am happy being a guy but have wished we could wear women's clothes I've worn tights under my jeans for years. Early in my marriage I tried to have a conversation with my wife on this and she said it was sick so I kept it a secret and still it. She's so judgemental and see I am sounding bitter.

  • We dress our son in feminine clothing. I don't mean dresses although I would support that. He is 8. My wife buys girls tee shirts and short shorts for him. Boys undies and shoes.

  • Boys in short shorts and knee high socks. I remember the 1970's

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