Scum sucking leach

I met my gf years back when her daughter was still in elementary school, little did I know this cute little girl would turn into a lazy manipulating, lying b****.
I have tried to be a role model over the years and help guide her but she is a strong willed birth that is going to lie, steal, cheat her way to get what she wants. My SD has always been able to manipulate her mother with words or tear and my Idiot gf eats it up. My SD started in intermediate school by inviting her friends over to the house while she was supposed to be in school, I stumbled across her messages on FB, her friends thanking her on the great parties. I informed her mother and of course she denied everything and the idiot mom believe the daughter. Over the years she never lifted a finger to help clean around the house because she was to busy studying, studying in her bf bedroom until the early AM hours of the morning. Mariah was using my house as a crash house, shes was out all night and sleeping during the day. My SD is now 23 she doesn’t pay rent, doesn’t buy food and still can’t lift a finger to help clean the house. I’m so fed up with my living situation, I’m ready to dump both of them. My relationship sucks due to all the fights we have over this fucken b****.

Sep 5, 2018

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  • You should've f***** some sense into her when she was still young

  • Leave them to it and ride off into the sunset

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