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I am a straight male but I really enjoy wearing women's clothing. I am obsessed with crossdressing and do it almost on a daily basis, but I don't go out in public during the day while fully dressed in women's clothes. At night when it's harder to see detail of what I am wearing, I will take walks around my neighborhood wearing more "risky" clothes that are very clearly for women. Sometimes during the day I will wear women's underwear and women's jeans that pass well enough that they probably aren't noticed, and often I will wear a bra under a mens athletic style shirt. I realize the bra could probably be noticed if someone paid attention.. I do it for the thrill and taboo and it is clearly a fetish, because I also I get myself off after I wear the clothes for a while and then after that I don't feel the need to wear them anymore until the next day when I get the urge again. While i'm crossdressing I often just imagine how it would feel to actually be a woman and be able to wear the clothing all the time and I am just drawn to how they feel and imagining how beautiful women feel when wearing the feminine clothing. It's hard to explain. But I felt like confessing because I truly wonder what people think about this. I know it's weird. But it sure does get me off! And it makes me feel really good when I am doing it. Its like a high without any drugs..

Mar 11, 2021

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  • I told my girlfriend that like to wear panties, so she got up and got out a pair of red panties with red ruffles across the back of the panties.
    She said to go time the bathroom and put them on.
    So I did, I couldn't believe I was doing this. Then the next day we went shopping for my first pink teddy witwithh a pink ribbon around the waist.
    That was a long time ago and now I have 1 drawer has panties 2nd drawer bras 3rd nylons, teddy's and everything else.
    The closest is mostly women's clothes in my size.
    I'm not bi I'm only in your women.
    My wife of many years still keeps me in what I like to wear, women's clothes.
    We just bought matching summer pj's naturally in women's.
    I have lots of body lotion and body perfume to wear when I want to.
    Your desire to wear womans clothes only gets stronger as time goes on.
    So you will buy more and more as you get older.
    Enjoy your life, I love mine!!!!!

  • Are you ready to start sucking like a gold girl should you know you think about it we all Fl when we wear our wife's panties or when we wear dresses

  • I do exactly the same only I'am sure I am bi. It started when I was a teen and began trying on my stepmom's panties and short skirts then walk around,sit or bend over pretending to be her.
    Then one day she came home early and walked in on me wearing a pink thong under a mini-skirt.
    At first she had a surprised look on her face then a slight smile. I was sooo embarressed,Then i stammered then got weak in the knees and just fainted.
    When I woke up she was next to me on the floor smiling and talking softly sitting in such a way I could plainly see her panties under her skirt.
    She told me then it was perfectly ok to try wearing girl clothes if I enjoyed it.
    It was a couple years later I found a friend who enjoyed the same thing

  • I often kind of fantasize about a similar situation - as in a woman seeing me / catching me and what her response would be. That is awesome!

  • It's happened to me several times. I've always fainted easily

  • You sound OK to me. You are doing a reasonably common thing and causing no harm to others.

  • Thank you! I appreciate your response.

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