I often wish I could be a woman

So, I was born a male, which I don't COMPLETELY hate, but I just admire women so much. For their emotional strength, for their ability to control men, for their intelligence, for their beauty. But I hate being male, because I feel that people think I'm dangerous to society. Think about it. Many murderers and rapists are men. Many men leave their partners and/or children. Men are not expected to show their emotions otherwise, they're considered weak. Not to say that all men are like this, but you know what I mean. When I try to smile and be sweet and friendly to people, they glare at me or pull their children or belongings closer to them. It feels like the world around me is able to emotionally click better to women. And on top of all of that, women's clothes are cuter. They have fun colors and more body flattering garments. They can wear nice sweet scented things. They can wear all kinds of jewelry, shoes and have cute hairstyles. H***, they can even wear mens clothing without having their sexuality questioned. Don't get me wrong, I know women have MANY struggles in our sexist world. But, I still think it would be nice to be born a woman.

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  • I love my body, but I hate being a woman in this world. I am a synonym for weakness. My p**** is a synonym for weakness. I don't think I've ever been taken seriously.

    Still...I would hate to have my c*** be constantly compared to a gun, or a knife, or something else commonly used as a weapon. We need to change Society.

  • Hm. I have the opposite problem. It's not that I have a problem with being a girl, it's that I have a problem with society's problem with me as a girl. It always feels as if I don't get taken seriously, or am dismissed quickly, and like I always have to prove myself. How many more superheroes are there than super heroines? Who is usually the hero of video games, movies, books and so on, and who is the victim? Even when the girl takes the former role, she isn't seen as powerful as a male who take the role. It seems like the only "power" the media gives women that they can use is sexuality- the smart, shy girl is treated as a joke, and the pretty, dumber one is treated as a goal. Guys, at least in the media, are allowed to have a ton of good things going for them, such as suave-ness, intelligence, and looks, whereas girls tend to only be allowed one. The media, in turn, makes people see the gender roles the same in society as a whole.

    Thanks for your viewpoint, reminding people that both sides have their problems.

  • dude, you're a p****. no one thinks YOU'RE dangerous. trust me.

  • marsaras learn to love your body before commenting about anothers

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