Naked and high

My friends invited two girls from school to smoke weed with us. They got so high we stripped them both naked and stashed away their clothes. I remember one was totally shaved and could clearly see her pink p**** lips. The other one had left a small patch of pubes just over her p**** slit. Both were so high they didn't even realize we were taking turns sucking them and sticking our d**** in their mouths. We were all high but knew what was going on and they both seemed to be as h**** as we were. I got hard three times, sucked off twice and the third came all over her t***. It was s** till you dropped all night and the next mourning we were all kind of embarrassed but no one was complaining about it.

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  • Sounds like B/S you meet some girls to smoke weed and you get s** all night. Keep stroking

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