My wife and I attended a wedding for the wife's side of the family. We had to travel by plane to get there so we stayed at my wife's sister's house. The night of the wedding everyone was drunk. And I mean like really drunk. So drunk that even my wife's mother kissed me on the lips. Anyway. So I go outside to cool off and the church was in the back hills of Tennessee with nothing around except for trees. I decided to take a walk down a trail to a nearby lake where they swim. When I got there I walked out on the dock and noticed something laying at the end. As I got closer I hear a woman ask me if I got tired of the BS too. I didn't see anyone but recognized the voice belonging to my wife's sister. I asked here where she was? And as I reached the end of the dock, I realized what I saw was her clothes. She answered that she was naked in the water. To my surprise she was right next to the dock and didn't mind that I was standing there. I really couldn't see anything at that point anyway, so I stood there for a bit and chatted with her. Then she asked if I wanted to join her. At first I said NO, but she laughed and said If i was worried about my wife, her sister finding out, don't. She said her and my wife had never got along so a nude swim would be safe with her. Then she asked me if i really even knew my wife and said she's probably f****** someone else right now. She asked me if I had even seen her before I walked out there. To be honest I hadn't seen her in a while,  that's why i walked out by myself.
So i decided to join her in the lake. I took off my clothes and jumped in. We swam around for a bit as we talked. It was almost like a cat and mouse game as i swam away and she followed. I eventually slowed and let her catch me. That's when she grabbed my d*** and started stroking it. I finally reached down and started fingering her p****. It was nice and tucked up with no flapping lips like my wife's.
A few minutes later I had a raging h******. I got behind her and slipped my d*** up inside her p****. The lake edge was shallow enough for us to stand and f*** with her slightly bent over. I f***** her and rubbed her t*** until she orgasmed. I kept f****** her until I was about to c**. I told her I was close to c****** and she said to c** inside her. So instead of pulling out like I was going to, I unloaded deep in her p****.
We put on our clothes and made our way back to the church. We eventually finished up the reception and headed home. My wife and her husband were so drunk they headed to bed. Sister inlaw and I sat up and talked. It was then that I found out sister inlaw and her hubby were having problems getting pregnant. She had been seeing a fertility doctor and they had been trying everything they could but nothing was helping. She wanted me to f*** her and c** in her so she could get pregnant. If she did get pregnant by me, she was going  to tell her husband that the fertility drugs had worked and pass it off as his baby.
Wife and I headed back home and I didn't really think any more of it. I didn't actually think she would get pregnant, but several weeks after we got home, sister inlaw called her sister to tell her good news. She was finally pregnant.

Sep 8, 2018

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