Mother inlaw blackmail

My wife and I are staying with her mother while we purchase a smaller home, bc we are in a financial tough spot. One day I back out and back into her mothers Lexus. Not good. He mother tells me she has plenty of things I can do around the house to pay it off instead of turning it into insurance and having to pay money, so I agree and am very thankful ( seeing as she's never really liked me ) shes a fairly normal kinda bossy controlling independent type lady in her late 50's. My wife says she's so controlling bc she's owned her own buissness her hole life and built it from the ground up. First day I am working for her to pay off some of the damage she has me build a large stone flower bed in the backyard, halfway through she comes out and sits and watches. She tells me to take off my shirt, bc I look hot. I told her I was ok and than she demanded I take it off. So I did. She watched the hole time. Second time I worked for her I could deff tell something was up. She had me come to her office with her in the afternoon and she was being really nice to me. She told me she had work for me but she couldn't find all the papers. So she was " trying to think" of things I could do for her, than she asked me if I would be comfortable massaging her calfs and feet... I kinda stood speechless for a min. I felt like I knew where this was going. She saw my hesitation and switched subjects fast and grabbed her keys and said lets go and pretended to have a phone call. I went back that night thinking it was funny and slightly turned on lol. She's hated me for so long and now she's treating me like man meat? Haha so for a week I didn't do any work for her. One night my wife gos to work to do overnight inventory. My mother inlaw gets home from her office walks stright in to me sitting on the couch she drops her purse and begans b******* at me about her car and hands me a paper, she says there's $3,400 dollars of damage and nothing I've done for her even comes close to that. I said ok, what do I need to do? She said I will make it all disappear right here right now, all I need is for you to lay here for 30 mins. I started to ask something, she got loud and said you'll put this blindfold on, sit on your hands and not make a sound, just turn your brain off and don't talk or move or do anything! Or I will kick you out of my house, tell my daughter you came on to me and stole from us and ruin your hole life, not to mention sue you for the$3,400 on damage. She was p***** and irritated, but I damn well knew what was about to happen... I just said deal, and lifted myself up and placed my hands under my butt. She walked to her room and came back with her night mask and put it over my eyes. A few mins later I heard her come back into the living room. My pants unzipped, unbuttoned, and pulled off. Next my boxers. Than nothing for a few seconds... Than I could feel her inspecting it, wiggling it, she got it hard while doing that and gasp and said God its huge ( it's not, it's average 8in erect ) she slowly jacked me and was fingering herself bc she kept putting her wet sticky fingers in my mouth while she blew me. She got off, than nothing again for a few seconds... Than I feel her holding it and some sounds, pretty sure she was taking pictures of it on her phone. I could tell she had Obvisaly thought this out. Than she strattled me reverse cowgirl and started very slowly up and down moaning. Than she turned on a vibrator and was using it while going up and down, she got off like that. Than she got up, and stood on the couch and put her p**** on my face, and said lick it... I licked, it was dripping wet, I did that for awhile than she sttrattled me facing towards me and by this time I was about to burst. I had been holding back squeezing my ass cheecks and counting backwards in my head for awhile now. She started riding me and putting her t*** in my mouth. I started moaning and flexing and she said f****** c** in me c** I want to feel c** in me. So I released. I came harder than I ever had in my hole life. She got up, I am pretty sure I could hear her tasting it. She left the room, came back in a few mins later and threatened me again that if I ever opened my mouth she would ruin my life and denie. Than tossed a hand rag on me and said clean up and your paid up in full. Went to her room and shut the door. Did I enjoy every second of it being a man? F*** yes.... Am I a pile of s*** for letting it happen? Probably... My wife acually ended up leaving me 6 mouths later due to a guy she met which was " more stable " which is funny bc i got a better job and am doing great now. Last o heard they ran into hard times and we're moving in with her mother! Lol hopefully he doesn't cause any kind of damage around that pyschos house lol


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  • Nice fiction, bruh.

  • Your ex mother in law was a mean person. Damn. Did you need therapy after that traumatic experience? That is flat out abuse. Mean-spirited too.

  • Clearly this posting didn't sell due to anyone being able to fabricate on this anonymous website. The world may be small at times however it isn't quite small enough for the web.

  • Christain will stay with karen, she is not stealing a man from me. she better back out of my way over any man I like.

  • I would love for my mother in law to take control and f*** me, just without the blindfold so I could enjoy every moment.

  • This is awesome that this story can actually be confirmed. Small world we live in

  • Tulsa... Yes... Office has a bronze statue of herself in the entry. Old Lexus was Electric Blue, New car is a Merecedes. Black.

  • This is funny... I am almost 99% positive I know this story, and the people in it.... That's the f****** really funny part. Can I ask, if you'll even answer... Do you live in Tulsa Oklahoma? That's really all I need to know. If so than I def. know these people, except the story told from the co-workers never had detail just that " he did you know what with you know who's mom" lol
    And when I mean co-workers I mean co-workers at a female owned busness... A female that is crazy, in her late 50's, and has a divorced daughter. Who claims her "ruined" her last relationship... Blahahaha
    If your real and you answer me, tell me something I would recognize, or something about the office? Or anything so I know its who I think it is....

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